As a stakeholder in the transport industry, Double M should consider a door-to-door transport service delivery. The company will work within a framework that addresses various transport concerns for three segments of the targeted market. The first target is the section of the working class that has to commute daily to and from their place of work. The company will focus on popularizing its services and acquire a good customer base among members of the working class who have to reach bus stations to obtain means of transport to work. Another criterion in this regard is the consideration for members of the working class who have families. Individuals with families have to work under a tight schedule to organize various issues before leaving for work. They need a transport company that addresses their schedule.

The other target is families that require transport services to various destinations. In this regard, Double M will consider neighborhoods with frequent cases of family outings. Another consideration will be families that require personalized modes of transport for their school-going children rather than relying on the respective school transport services. The third segment will be companies that require transport services for their employees. In this regard, Double M will focus on large organizations that employ great numbers of employees and thus provide an economically viable customer size. In addition, Double M will concentrate on companies whose nature of operation minimizes cases of irregular work schedules and thus provides a clearly defined scope for the provision of transport services.

The choice for the three targets concerns their role in defining various aspects of economic viability for the planned door-to-door transport services. The segment of members of the working class who have unreliable accessibility to transport services provides a large pool of customers upon which Double M can thrive. The focus on transport services for family units adds value to family outings by letting families concrete on having fun while the company caters for transportation (Middleton et al., 2009). The segment of companies and organizations that require transport services for their employees provides a collaborative partnership that adds value to all the concerned parties.

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To use our services, customers will have to undergo a registration process so that Double M can have database records for all its customers. This will allow the company to plan effectively on a variety of payment methods that will be available to customers. Payments will be on a monthly basis through any verifiable payment method that suits a particular customer. In this regard, customer will be able to pay with cash, and electronically.

Most transport companies operate from a designated station. Thus, the introduction of a more customer-oriented transport system will generate considerable benefits. The diversity in the service provision to include small units such as a family will allow Double M to venture into a market niche that other transport companies have not exploited. A door-to door service will minimize costs relating to customer fluctuation, an aspect that affects most transport providers (Middleton et al., 2009). Partnership with large organizations will promote benefits of economies of scale derived from such transactions and minimize various risks relating to the traditional systems of transport.

The door-to-door transport service will be entering the growth stage of a product life cycle. Double M will be entering an established industry to provide transport services based a different framework. The company will be offering customers a new approach on transport services. While the Double M serves a similar purpose as other players in the transport industry, its approach is more customer-oriented. This has the effects of rapid expansion and increasing profitability. In addition, it is likely to start facing increased competition from established market players who are bound to redefine their service provision in view of the Double M’s new approach (Wasson, 1971).

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