E-commerce is the exchange of goods and services for cash payment or other goods and services through electronic  technology. Opportunities are the business’attractive, external factors which define why the business exists. They include new market targets, positive market perception about your business and or your  brand and the firm’s ability to offer higher value that creates demand for its goods and services.

Ecommerce helps the business establish its presence to a wide range of people. The presence could be just to provide the customers detailed information about the products offered by the business or may also involve purchasing the products online. This is very essential for businesses that want to go global since customers are able to access the information on computers and phones throughout the day irrespective of their location. This wide-range transmission of information accompanied with the much greater capacity of services and goods the business can provide helps the business expand (Ray 2004).

Secondly, ecommerce improves usability and strength of the brand. Using a quality ecommerce design method will attract many potential customers to view the products and services. Using a website will help the business know how many people view their products and how many purchase. In addition some customers will post comments about the product and the business can use this information to study what the customers in its niche want and therefore strategize on improving the product. Also, advertisement is cheap and readily accessible to customers. The business does not need to hustle looking for customers since shoppers have the ability to discover the business (eCommerce 2008). This is plays a role in the expansion of business’ sales. In conclusion, ecommerce helps a business expand and grow its opportunities by improving the accessibility of its products, creating a large market share and strengthening the brand by studying what the target customers want and using the information to improve quality.

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