Economic development is the aim of most developing countries. It encompasses all sectors of the economy. It involves improving the economic, political and social sectors within a country. Developed countries have high economic development; the contrary is true for the developing ones. There are factors that indicate that a country is experiencing economic development such as infrastructure. Developed countries have efficient transport networks. Roads are in good condition and there are no traffic jams. Roads have tunnels and flyovers that reduce congestion. Railway networks are efficient and air transport is widely used. All these are realities that do not exist in developing countries.

Sanitation and water supply networks are not well structured and maintained in Kenya. Health facilities in economically developed countries, such as Kenya, are unavailable or inaccessible to the poor. People do not access health facilities easily and vaccinations against infectious diseases are not present in many areas. Medicines for common diseases such as malaria may be unaffordable if not unavailable. 

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The mortality rate is high and the general living conditions of people are unfavorable. The percentage of people leaving below the poverty line in Kenya is high compared to the developed countries. As such, poverty is a major hindrance to economic development. Most developing countries have a high percentage of people living below the poverty line. Various factors contribute to poverty.

Political instability is a major cause of poverty in Kenya. Most developing countries experience political wrangles, which hinder peace in the countries. This thwarts the efforts to develop the economy and hence elevates poverty. Poor policymaking and implementation is also a factor that hinders poverty eradication in Kenya. Developing countries have poor policies and the applicable policies are poorly implemented. Policies such as food policies are poorly structured and implemented. 

However, Kenya can reduce poverty through collective responsibility. The government should be at the front line to reduce poverty and the community should play its part. Improving the infrastructure is one way that will help developing countries to reduce poverty. Developing countries have high population and a high growth rate. To reduce poverty, developing countries should aim to control population growth to enable them reduce poverty.

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