Energy conservation helps reduce the consumption of energy. This is achieved by increasing the efficiency of energy use together with decreasing the consumption of energy by using energy sources that are conventional. Energy conservation results to increase in financial capital, national security, human comfort, personal security and environmental quality. Organizations and individuals who consume energy directly always try to reduce the cost of energy so as to support economic security. Industries maximize their profits by increasing the efficiency of energy use.

Biomass is a fuel that has been known for over one hundred years. Its use has been both successful and environmental friendly. To increase the efficiency of energy use, various ways should be ways are used to reduce energy use. For instance, using bulb that are energy savers, using fuels that are renewable such as biomass, using gadgets that are thermostatic, and putting off lights that are not in use. In my research, I used fuels such as biomass, solar, wind, and hydropower. Biomass was the most appropriate since it is environmental friendly and the remains used to generate electricity such as livestock manure, dead trees and sawdust is readily available. Solar, wind and hydropower are not appropriate since they are natural occurring; therefore, they can fail when their production from the atmosphere is low.

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In the electric company, the electricity is generated from biomass fuel and the remains used are collected from paper industry whereby they get the paper products that can not be recycled. I discovered this when I visited the company during my research on biomass fuel. To decrease energy use in the company, there should be the use of bulbs that are energy savers and purchasing energy efficient gadgets. Heating coal or oil from Russia would increase the cost to the company because of its transportation. With the increase of the cost, it will minimize the profits of the company. The environmental law currently debated is on sustaining the forests by reducing the cutting of trees that are used as fuels. Forests should be sustained since they are essential, and this can be achieved by using renewable or natural sources of fuels such as biomass, solar and wind.

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