Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings on Financial management during the crisis in European Union and Romania  is a finance text that clearly demonstrates the principles of finance .The text seeks to present the main aspects pertaining the prevention of financial crisis, outlines the need of good financial management during economic crisis, explains how to apply financial management at Romania and explains why Romania and EU should distance themselves from  excessive risks and execute internal control systems  as well as  take measures for managing financial crisis.  This text is divided into five major sections: Introduction, the European financial Crisis Management framework,. Ecofin Council Decisions on Strengthening European Union Arrangements for Financial Stability, the Role and Importance of Setting up a Domestic Standing Group and finally the Conclusion.

The introduction paragraph explains the situation of the world economy in 2006, part of 2007 as well as in 2008.The article reveals that the investors risk perception and liquidity has decreased. This falls under the principle of time value in finance. The text goes further to explain in the second paragraph that due to lack of exposure to the finance instruments that were a major cause to the market problem  by the Romanian banks, Romanian's financial stability and bank's liquidity channel may be affected. In the third paragraph, the text explains how the reduced demand in Romanian's major trade partners challenges the financial position. Through this discussion, the principle of capital market is evident.

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The European Financial Crisis Management Framework follows introduction. The first paragraph talks about the European financial system having undergone shocks and risks. The principle of risk return and asset pricing model comes out here very clearly. The financial crisis that have been faced by the European finance system are then discussed. Some of the solutions recommended for overcoming the financial crisis include the assigning of the EFC the task of assessing the capacity of EU regulatory supervision structures and three memoranda conclude at European Union level. Here, we see the principle of financial contracting.

The third section is on Ecofin Council Decisions on Strengthening European Union Arrangement for Financial stability. The council committed itself to at the EU and national level to enhance financial stability by developing measures on the increasing number of cross-border banking groups. In this section, the principle of valuing stocks and bonds is evident. Section 3(3.1) explains about the common principles for cross border financial crisis management. These are basic principles to develop capital market efficiency.

The fourth section is on the role and importance of setting up a domestic standing group. It also contains a number of memorandums that guide the operations. The fifth section then presents a conclusion whereby the issue of financial crisis prevention is regarded as a priority for private and public institutions.

In conclusion, the Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings on Financial management is very relevant to the principles of finance. These principles of finance include time value of money, capital market, principles to develop capital market efficiency, valuing stocks and bonds, risk return and pricing models as well as financial contracting.

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