Ford Motor Company is known as one of the Big Three American manufactures and sellers of automobiles in the United States. The founder of this company is Henry Ford (1903). It is situated in Michigan. Like many organizations, Ford has had its good and bad moments just for a couple months then in the early 1960s, they introduced the compact Falcon which was warmly received by the public. In 1979 it acquired a stake in Mazda. Escort and Taurus models came to the market in the mid to late 80s. In the 1990s, SUV enabled Ford ride on popularity. The Land Rover was acquired by Ford in 2000 which were later sold to compensate the organization. Flex, Fusion, and Mustang have enabled Ford to regain its health and stand out as a competitive manufacturer.

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Ford Mustang 2010, sport car, is its latest car which marks new levels on both power and refinement. It is more powerful, its interior and exterior features are revised, the options available with it include things like a backup camera, 19-inch wheels, and its navigation is voice activated. It will have two engines, air induction systems which deliver a colder and denser intake to the cylinders that result in an increased horse power and torque. It also features a 5-speed automatic transmission, Advanced Trac traction control (sensors are used to detect and measure side-side skidding conditions) which enables individuals to drive more aggressively while still in control. Its fuel efficiency has been increased as well as its two new six-speed transmissions that provide smooth performance of shifting. Manual shift is standard; controlled electronically 4-speed automatic optional, is halted with disc brakes, antilocking being a first time option.

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