Median income is defined as the amount which divides the income distribution into two equal groups, half having incomes lower than the median and the other half having higher incomes than the median. Ohio is one of the states of the united state of America. It is found in the Middle West region of America. Its capital is Columbus and it also happens to be the 7th most populated area in America. Most of the families in this region are 4 person families that have a median income of 64,282 dollars per family. This means that there are those who earn less than this amount and those who will earn more than this. This median income puts the state at a generally stable and self sufficient position in which it is bale to support its inhabitants and all the citizens living here and at the same it is able to trade with other regions as away to gain capital for themselves.  For them to trade they have to be involved in economic activities that will bring them money.

Ohio is doing well economically and in the year 2009 it was ranked in 4th position to be the best for business activities. Only in the year 2007 was its GDP 466 billion dollars making it the seventh largest state in the district of Ohio. The economic activities in this region are agriculture, manufacturing, mining and services. The revenue generated by the agriculture in this area is products such as dairy products, corn and soybeans. Ohio happens to be a state that is greatly fertile and is able to support all kinds of agricultural activities on the land and this is why they can manage to benefit form the soil they till. Ohio also produces livestock and livestock products such as milk, eggs, beef cattle and broilers. It also produces mutton and wool from the sheep that they raise as they are the biggest state that produces wool in the east of the Mississippi river. In the manufacturing area it has a very strong and established base as it manufactures the crops like soybeans and corn that they produce. They use the raw materials available to them to produce finished goods and products that will fetch them high levels of income in these regions.  Ohio's manufacturing industry is mainly centered in the transportation region or sector. It assembles trucks and all kinds of vehicles and is also quite adapt at making parts for motor vehicles and aircrafts.

Ohio is also very well known its contributions and part in the producing of fabricated metals. These are metals that are structural in nature and also metals for tools and or hardware and for items like pipes and also valve fittings. The mining sector of this state is also quite advanced as there major mineral in the mining industry is coal. It also has minerals like natural gas and clay for pottery. Every region that has people settled in and economic activities that bring about wealth and poverty to other will never lack a crime rate level.  For example in Ohio in the last year the crime levels where a total of 40.5 per 1000 residents with the highest per cent of these crimes being in the property sector. There was a lot of theft and damaging of property by wrongdoers as this is the major source of income for this region.

Oklahoma is another of the states of America. It has a population of about 3,687,050 residents in the year 2009. It is located in the southern central region of America. Its capital city is known as Oklahoma City. It is the 20th largest state in America and about the 28th most highly populated in the country. For this state to be able to support this entire population it is involved in a number of activities that generate income for it. Oklahoma has a median income per 4 family member families of 53,949 dollars a year. This is quite a high amount to be the median income as it means that half of the population here receives more than this amount and thus the state is economically strong and secure. At this rate of median income it can only be expected that they receive monies from the activities that they carry out in there state.

The receipt of these monies also shows that they must also be trading with their neighboring states.  Oklahoma was originally very much involved   in the oil industry at the beginning of its development economically. Today however it has diversified and has many employers and businesses that are run in the state. One of the major strengths for this region in the economy is the federal regional offices that are located in Oklahoma. The government of Oklahoma accounts for about 20 per cent of all the employment that happens in the region and jobs that are given to the youth and citizens of Oklahoma. This employment by the government is non- agricultural in business which means that the agriculture sector will also employ quite a number of people further offering them employment.

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Oklahoma is also one of America's largest processing centers. It is very well established in the processing of many different types and varieties of farm products. It is the home of the largest, stock and feeder cattle market in the world and this will further give it the edge it needs to be economically viable. Oklahoma has a very large population of beef cattle that are supported by it fertile grounds and feeding docks that the cattle are kept in. these cattle provide a very large source of income for the state as they are sold to other states as meat and production houses also buy the cattle for meat hence further allowing the market to grow. Another income generating activity for Oklahoma is the horses that are breed there.

It has been termed a horse show capital because of the major nine horse shows that are held there both international and national yearly. There are of course other economic activities in the region which are computers, clothing and food processing. To any region there has to be crime and Oklahoma is no exception from this case. When it comes to the safeness of Oklahoma it is rated at 2 whereas the safest being 100. This goes to show that it experiences relatively high crime rates although it also happens to be safer than 2 per cent of the cities in America. Its annual crimes per 1000 residents are at 50,348. Out of this the grater percentage is from crimes like theft, burglary and destruction of property. The theft that mainly occurs is cattle rustling and horses due to the high prices they receive in the market places. This further show that the crimes committed here are in great relation to their economic activity.

California is a state that is located in the west coast region of America. It is the most populated state in America and the third largest state in are of land. It holds five of the largest cities of America in itself. These are San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Fresno. Its capital city is Sacramento. California having being the host to such major cities of America has a strong economic background and is considered the backbone of the American economy. It has many businesses and it has earned the nick name, "The Golden State." It also has the most diverse geographical form that makes it possible to have more than one major economic activity.

If California was a nation by itself it would be considered the eight largest economies in the world and the 35th most populated nation. As of this, California has a median income per family of 4 of 63,671 dollars. This means that the majority of the people in this state are well off and very capable of supporting themselves. This state manages to be the greatest economy in America because of it background and also its current economic activities. California in the olden days had gold discovered in it. This was in the 1840's which led to a great change socially and demographically. The gold rush led to the quick growth of the state and led to it being among the first modern cities to emerge.

Due to the diverse geographical nature of this state it has been possible for them to have agriculture as one of its backbones. The agriculture in this region is practiced in the regions of high altitude and lot of rain. Currently the majority of the work population is employed in the services sector working in computer programming and restaurants. This is up to about 34 per cent of the population who are in this sector.  It is followed closely by 21 per cent who work in the wholesale and retail trade of the economy. This has further led to the growth of this state. This is especially due to the computer programming as currently the world has moved into an error of digital movement.  Due to the high levels of that are centered in this state, there greatest crime rate is cyber related. This involves matters such as fraud and computer crime. In conclusion we can see that every state will have greater levels of crime in relation to the business they do and the type of crime will be related to the main business activity.

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