John Kottler has given a detailed explanation of how strategies can be implemented in organizations. Business organizations hire strategy firms to come up with suggestions on how the business should change its operations. The only way that the business can benefit from these strategies is to implement them.

First, the top leaders should create a picture of how much the firm can accomplish in its market if the new strategy is implemented. This helps the employees to see the sense of the new strategy. The leaders should inspire and encourage innovative thinking among the employees. Research proves that 50% of employees who impacted by a new strategy have to buy in it first. Therefore, Kottler suggests that strategy implementation is enhanced by favorable communication in the firm. This makes sure that all the employees understand the strategic initiative before the implementation kicks off.

The firm should them create a guiding implementation team. In the acceleration of strategy execution, there are many barriers. It is the function of this guiding team to knock out all these barriers which may stand in the way. This team should contain people from all functions and levels. Its members are volunteers who are interested in creating the picture of the firm desired by the senior leadership team. With this, the firm successfully implements the laid down strategy. According to Kottler’s 8- step plan, the firm should also generate short term wins which can be seen an a short span of time. It should then reward the employees in order to motivate them. It should also allow the incorporation of changes in its culture. This is vital in the strategy implementation process.


Therefore, it should be clear to firms that strategy implementation should be well communicated to junior employees. This ensures that the goals set by the firm are realized. It also ensures that the firm benefits from the strategies since the strategy firms receive good payment.

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