When choosing a market penetration methodology when opening an amusement park in France, a good matrix has to be identified. This will guide in the choosing of a good methodology.

One has to advertise extensively as outline in the Ansoff matrix of market penetration in order to get both the people already in such exiting market get more people to the market. For a new business to penetrate a market that already exists, it has to invest a lot it in advertisement. Advertisement is very important as there is no any other way your amusement park can been known (Buttle, 2004). To do this better, look for a good advertising company that will make the most effective adverts for your company. Always be brief but concise.

To make sure that you retain the customers, introduce a loyalty scheme. Companies will a reward their loyal customers through such schemes that will see the customers take loyalty card. With this card one would ear points that could be redeemed to fund part of the expenses that the customer incurs during the day out in the amusement park. Discounted entrance tickets can also help penetrate the market among offering other services at discounted rates.

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The key strategy of this matrix is to launching of price and other special promotions. This may include choosing to offer the services at relatively cheap prices compared to the other already exiting business. Promotions attract more customers while already loyal ones are motivated. Other special offers could include providing an extra free service or product when one purchases a certain number (Gray, 2000).

With many competitors expected in the market, the  other strategy of this matrix suggest that you buy a competitor and especially mature company that has been in the business for sometime. Buying of competitor always come with many advantages. You will not start from the scratch has you already have the structural and infrastructural designs already in place.


Market penetration

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Market development

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