The article lays its focus on the Canadian economy that according to statistics is growing at a slower rate compared to the US.  The article is remarkably comprehensive, and its comparison of Canadian economy as compared to US economy is just brilliant. In its introduction, the article states how Canada was ahead of US during the recovery period of the recession. Canada as demonstrated by the article as faced by low commodity prices and inflation of personal debt. The article’s focus on the falling economic out as compared to that of the United States is a good indication of the economic conditions to the authorities as well as to potential investors.

The article cautions those who have prospects to invest to re-think their decision. Through an outline, the conditions as they are in Canadian economy and the trend in which these conditions get better or worse. The article also helps to explain the reason as to always stable Canadian economy during the recession, unlike other nations, even the developed ones. The article also outlines the possible causes of the declining economic output of the Canadian economy and the risks affiliated with this downturn of the economy. The article also explains why the US economy does not get affected by those conditions affecting the Canadian economy.

The article is a comparison between the periods when Canadian economy experienced an increase in economic output from one period to another, with currently when there is a reduction in the rate of economic output. It also outlines the factors that made the economy grow over the years and why these factors are working now in doing the same.

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The articles also contain the prediction of the economic condition basing on the current trend. It does all this in comparison with the US economy. It outlines the current and future problems that make the economy stagnate or move backwards. It also focuses on the conditions of households and the factors that contribute to those conditions. It also involves an analysis of the factors that cause a decrease in the economic output, and why they cause that and the implications on the household and international trade. The implications of this economic downturn in the short run, as well as the long run, are also analyzed. This analysis is done ion comparison of the Canadian economy and their US counterparts. The effects to household, trade, markets and investment are analyzed in line with their ways to avoid all that whether achievable or unachievable.

The fall in the price level and increased personal debt are also analyzed. The magnitude that they affect the economy with is also looked. The article is an overview of the Canadian economy and the trend by which the economy is deteriorating. It is helpful in that it provides with information the protective international investors who had an idea of investing in Canada. It also supplies with information those countries that transact business with Canada to know the market trend of their fellow trading country. It is also helpful in that it supplies the authorities for monetary policies with facts about their economy so that they try curbing the deepening of the economic downturn. The article in general is an informative one for all the parties involved in the Canadian economy.

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