Mehrabian-Russell Model

Environmental psychology centers on the effects of emotions on physical stimuli and physical stimuli effects on different behaviors, which is why this discipline has invaluable applications for UCCA store. Mehrabian-Russell model is necessary when studying the UCCA store atmosphere effects on consumers’ shopping behavior. It focuses on human emotional response application to the environment since intervening attributes link environments with different behaviors that they elicit.


The element of lightning is significant because it helps in defining the overall store image. Moreover, it leads customers to enter the UCCA store. As a result, more impulsive purchases are encouraged through visual enhancements. It is achieved by highlighting products in the UCCA store, which are making them more visible. Consequently, shoppers’ arousal levels are also enhanced.

Different lighting elements include ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Ambient/general lighting is characterized by basic lighting that replaces sunlight and enables customers to get a full view of the store. The examples of such lighting are a pendant and a chandelier. On the other hand, accent lighting is characterized by spotlights, which highlight focal points from the surrounding. It is usually employed in showcasing high-end luxury products. Finally, task lighting is characterized by making items free from distracting glare or shadows. It is also composed of valance, which directs light onto tall, vertical display space. In addition, it has shelf and case with miniature light close to products. It is important that more focus and highlights should be provided to this end. Moreover, image establishment, product color enhancement, sparkle, and texture should be provided. Finally, ambient lighting should be reduced, but more accent and task lighting should be provided.

Strategic Store Design and Merchandise Display to Increase Sales Revenue at UCCA store should utilize more principles of lighting. The reason for this is that the principles of lighting have a major impact on different UCCA stores. Such elements influence approaches in which customers may need to explore UCCAstore@Design. These can be viewed as guides and elements, which facilitate planning and setting up of the UCCAstore@Design. Under the principle of lighting, elements such as good architectural design, proper land as well as the availability of energy can be analyzed.

Moreover, space is appropriate since it provides a site for the UCCAstore@Design, which enables historical as well as ecological conservations. As a result, this approach leads to cultural preservations for future generations, which may want to go to the UCCAstore@Design.

At the same time, the most appropriate source of energy that will sufficiently serve the entire UCCAstore@Design building would be required. Energy such as sunlight will provide sufficient lighting to the UCCAstore@Design. In addition, adequate ventilation is necessary for the construction of this facility.

Principles employed for UCCAstore@Design should have various means of reaching out to the viewers. Therefore, they act as sites in which individuals explore and experience the architectural beauty through adopted form and design. Both form and spatial arrangement in the UCCAstore@Design provide some aesthetic values, which facilitate the best interpretation. The spatial arrangement, which has been adopted, can help in making its interior as well as the exterior designs to portray symbolic elements and music, which facilitate the communication of the outlined themes (North & Hargreaves, 1998).

The mood and experience of those people who may tend to visit the UCCAstore@Design are determined by both form of the architectural work and the design of the whole structure, which facilitate movement as well as visibility. Several sections of store should portray properly displayed forms, especially, on the layout of the random grid, which enables the viewers to get together and explore the space. Such captivating spatial arrangement has also been witnessed in several UCCA stores in China Beijing. Indeed, such architectural design and gallery arrangements in UCCAstore@Design make it possible for random viewing. Therefore, the viewers’ movement fashions are not limited by the arrangement of the design and its pattern of viewing is more gradual. Therefore, functional design helps in reinforcing the appeal created under such settings, thus enabling various observers to decide on the kinds of forms and elements to begin viewing at the initial stages. The UCCA store’s principle arrangement, especially the floors inspires the observers and motivates them to make informed choices on the kinds of forms and elements to start viewing.

Principle layout at the UCCAstore@Design should provide customers the room for interaction. As a result, this will affect ways in which the viewers perceive the forms used in the building. It can be argued that judgments may either be rational or irrational, and can vary from one individual to the other. Such judgments may also be regarded as subjective, that is, only interpreting the joy, which a person gets from observing a given piece of work in the UCCAstore@Design.

UCCAstore@Design should advocate for just a series layout of forms, which has a stronger impact on approaches that the viewers follow as they make movements in the process of exploring objects. An observer is carefully guided on different forms he or she may wish to see from the period of entrance to the period of their departure from a given UCCAstore@Design. Such arrangement regulates forms in this salesroom, which are viewed by various observers. In certain cases, an individual is shown round of forms at the UCCAstore@Design by the well informed curators. Therefore, the observers’ free movement in UCCAstore@Design, while observing different forms, is closely examined. In fact, layouts in such stores are guiding observers to the kinds of forms, which are available for observation and viewing.                

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Lighting should be carefully and skillfully used to enhance encaustic, fresco, oil, watercolor, and acrylic in this piece of UCCAstore@Design’s artwork. In addition, they are engaged with the use of a mixed motif in coming up with a beautiful piece for the store’s work. This combination of encaustic, fresco, oil, watercolor, and acrylic produces dizzying array references on the paintings. The mixture of encaustic, fresco, oil, watercolor, and acrylic give some striking allusions, contrasts, and brilliant picture images. These carefully constructed images of pictorial compositions have spatial and chromatically arranged colorful designs with awesome characteristics that attract the viewers and customers of the UCCAstore@Design at a glance.

Moreover, lighting can be used as an important element in this UCCA store since it provides illuminations. In fact, light provides a reflection of the physical beauty, which is a represented in the artwork. With the aid of lighting, the human forms were portrayed as beautiful creations, which demanded a lot of respect. The artists studied anatomy so that they could paint and curve the human body beautifully, which could be viewed in several UCCA buildings. Consequently, the Chinese art portrayed the pictorial figures accurately. In essence, the artistic sculptors made people fall in love with the real human form. Besides, these paintings portrayed some elements of civilization, according to illumination that light provides in various UCCA shopping centers (Settle, 2010).

Lighting involves artistic arrangements that give unity and in-depth feeling to the piece of artwork. Indeed, this artistic era embraced the new ideals, which support structural arrangements and items display, which are appealing to more consumers. These ideals can be artistically revealed through lighting that is employed in UCCA stores. In addition, lighting in UCCAstore@Design is aimed at establishing the viewers’ feeling about the different modes of accommodation available to them regarding the range of issues such as security, cleanliness, viewing condition, and the return on their money.

Some cases have been reported regarding ventilation issues, and the observers have rated the level of how the highlighted issues are implemented and where drastic improvements need to be enhanced in the UCCAstore@Design. Various visitors have also proposed halogen lights as the best option of illumination to be adopted by the management as a strategic future plan. Since it appeared as a most agreed upon aspect among the issues of contention, halogen lights could be the choice that gives the customers the best return service for their money. Lighting thus gives better and scent view of the whole store (Caplan, 2006). However, the management at UCCAstore@Design must provide proper ventilation, making the use of an adequate lighting, which does not cause harm to the visiting customers.

Scent (Aroma)

The aspect of scent or aroma is significant because it improves positive evaluation of the UCCA store environment and its merchandise. It induces shoppers to stay longer in the store while making more purchases. It also creates more unique and memorable experiences about shopping (Spangenberg et al., 1996). In this regard, scent(aroma) should be appealing to the customers targeted by the UCCA store (Lempert, 2002). It is common in stores, museums, hotels and casinos. It is also necessary to adopt certain blends of different aromas or scents (Caplan, 2006). Signature scent can be used in enhancing brand loyalty and recognition as well as to enhance memory.


Music connects the UCCA store’s employees and its customers. Music also enhances recalls on product information since it encompasses echo to emotional state, especially when cues are encoded. It provides seasonal changes and events; it shortens customers’ perception of time that is usually spent in the UCCA store. Therefore, it is necessary to use appropriate pieces of music that keep target customers in the store for a longer time. Moreover, customers’ opinion should be sought to enhance more improvements in the store.

Color and Density

Appropriate color and density for the store form a central core in attracting more customers. For instance, the use of watercolor and acrylic make paintings appear symmetrical and often hard-edged. The paintings portray some aura-ringed images, which hover at varying atmospheric depths. This shows graduated and glowing colors.  Lighting uses acrylic sparingly to produce patterns with latticed and stripped shapes. On the other hand, they make use of oil to artistically come up with vaporous backgrounds. Often, the vaporous backgrounds show some horizontal, diagonal, perpendicular crossings or fuzzy bands. The encaustic and fresco used in UCCAstore@Design’s artwork give the paintings characteristics of bright and some blurry plaids. In fact, the encaustic and fresco effects of the paintings blend well with the oil color used in the pictures. 

This combination of different elements gives some aesthetic value to the pieces of UCCAstore@Design’s arts. Moreover, form skillfully makes use of watercolor and acrylic to portray flatness and pure abstraction notion. This notion may give both spiritual and symbolic meanings to these abstract paintings and forms found in the UCCAstore@Design, which affect customers’ evaluation or consumer behavior (Spangenberg, Crowley & Henderson, 1996). In addition, the watercolor used on the rectangle makes it fluid, texture less and crystalline. It can as well be argued that different forms in a contemporary UCCAstore@Design provide the aspect of collectivity.

Summing up, the principles of lighting have significant impacts regarding the approaches, which customers may intend to use in exploring UCCAstore@Design. Lighting is essential in both external and interior design of the UCCAstore@Design. A good choice of form should provide attractive view for the whole structural arrangement to attract more customers and to increase sales revenue at UCCA store.

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