The masters of business administration degrees are one of the most prestigious and sought degree in the world. Following the tough economic times, professions have to head back to school in the quest of remaining current in business and be valuable to their organizations. The MBA degree program remains the most popular among many working professions due to its ability of leading to well paying management positions.

The Decision to Get an MBA Essay Example

Before engaging in attaining an MBA degree, an individual ought to look at the cons and pros of the said course. There are also many other considerations that the individual is meant to evaluate. For instance, the students who want to indulge in engaging the degree should evaluate the importance that the degree will have on their line/field of specialization. Therefore, these as well as many other discussion points will further the objections concerning that it is a must to acquire the MBA degree. The discussion concerning the objections that it is not mandatory getting an MBA degree has emanated from reading a range of materials from popular business/textbooks as well as governmental records. The graphs as represented in table 1.1 and 1.2 below were some of the figures used to analyze the research.

In almost all exceptional cases, the fact always stands that more education ultimately means the better income. The individual with more education stands even a better opportunity especially in developed countries, for example in the United States (Beck et al, 1995).

The society that we are living in today is a credentialed society. This demands that people must be qualified to be in positions of earning well. Max Weber developed a concept regarding life chances. For an individual to have access to basic opportunities and prevailing resources especially in the marketplace, they must have proper social connections among other elites (Marx, 1978). To interact with the educated people who are the managers and owners of cooperates you need to have high regards in such sectors as well. This demands the individuals to engage in remedial education to cope up with the demands of the prevailing opportunities.

Most of the times, an individual may not be considered in a job position when they have not done the MBA degree. Individuals, who hold MBA degrees, are eligible to be employed in different sectors especially those dealing with senior management and other executive positions. Therefore, an MBA degree is a necessity in today’s business society. Most business-oriented companies, which make a significant proportion of all the income generating ventures, may not consider the employee if they do not hold an MBA degree. Those, who hold the MBA degree, have diverse employment opportunities in the current society. In addition, the MBA programs offer a kind of curriculum that instills proficiency and experience that is applicable in all relevant sectors and industries. It is valuable regardless of the sector that he/she involves in (Beck et al, 1995).

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Education also indirectly improves the income of the people. The indirect impact arises because individuals, who improve their education, improve also their productivity and thus improving their incomes. Taking into consideration that the world is composed of mostly business activities, the MBA becomes a vital degree. This is because of its capability to widen the spheres of business experts. The degree takes into account all the performances and purposes of a business. It gives experience to students in the business world.

On the other hand, the effect of education should not be measured on the increment of income. Although the impact of education on the amount of income is a concept that cannot be taken for granted, holding economic welfare as being exclusively determined by the level of education is both controversial as well as problematic. A more intuitive and informed mechanism needs to be put in place to determine other techniques that can be applied to be successful in life (Witzel, 2001).

To a large scope, the credentials that an individual gets from attaining an MBA degree is not necessary important, but the value and the change the learning will instill on, especially on the way of thinking of the individual. Most educated people especially the technologists lack the objectives of providing the value of the means that they use to earn their salaries (Berger & Black, 1993). With this regard, the major focus of education, which is reforming an individual, should be attained and not necessarily regarding high incomes as the only means of survival.

The concept that we need to increase our education in order to increase our earning is questionable in the first place. Capitalism for instance has a gap to be criticized especially at this point in our history. Though it is not going to be erased very soon, the society of today needs to educate and even inculcate a culture that will ultimately produce value, but not necessarily success to a candidate. For instance, the graduates need to be taught on how to be ethically upright, smart among other virtues that will ultimately help them to live with others in the best way. We also require passionate minds that will ensure that the individuals are not immersed in crude ways of getting money. Capitalism to some extent has brought ill in the society. Therefore, to a certain degree emphasis should be placed on fair means of survival, not necessarily the one coming from employment, but also making maximum use of one’s talents such as singing or performing comedies (Berger & Black, 1993). This will ultimately help to build a better world. There are also other better platforms to get better earnings apart from gaining the MBA degree.


In conclusion, raising and countering objections have helped me to make an informed decision. MBA degree is an important element especially in the business world. However, there are many aspects that have to be considered in deciding whether to engage in remedial studies on MBA degree. We have many potential business managers, who may not be in a position of accessing the education due to lack of resources. This does not ultimately mean that these individuals will be left out in the job market. Special aspects need to be considered to make sure that such individuals’ skills are considered.

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