The recent development in the telecommunication sector in the DRC has been slow. Even though, it is an ancient activity that significantly affects the African business environment. The telecom sector having been in operation for many decades is facing problems to develop its roots in DRC. Studies in the business environment in DRC have indicated that there are many disadvantages associated with doing business in Congo. For instance, Congo is characterized with a weak operating environment, complex regulations and high levels of bureaucracy, regular electricity blackouts, poor infrastructure, high cost of property rental, the society's legal right are not protected. Furthermore, the country is linked to low income levels, high political risk, history of political instability with armed groups still operating, an entrenched democracy, high corruption levels, macroeconomic instability, with a history of hyper-inflation, and inadequate financial services. Focus in the recent years has been based on attracting many clients by providing efficient and reliable services in order to drive growth and to increase the revenue market share. The most influential economic activity in Congo is mining with numerous economic activities based on the informal sector. However, much of this is not reflected in the nations’ GDP. The country embodies an uncertain legal framework. There are various social issues that affect the nation such as poor accountability and transparency in government policies. In the past decades, the nations faced a lot of effects due to the looming global economic crisis in the year 2008 due to political instability. This has seriously affected the telecommunication industry, which is one of the least developed in the West African region. Furthermore, there has been little effort to provide an efficient and modern telecom network, hence this call for the need to improve telecommunication infrastructure and to find successful investors to improve the telecom sector.

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