By investing about 150 billion dollars for the strategic decision of drilling the oil within the state is the policy that was announced by President Barrack Obama highlighted in the respective paper. The idea of drilling is said to accomplish in the northern part of Atlantic Ocean. The plan is completely a new idea that is not acceptable by most of the people due to the fact that it is not possible to get over with the dependency of oil, as the need is huge. The idea is not to set the country into further economic troubles but to make the conditions better and make the economy more stable than today. People of United States of America (USA) could not even afford a single gallon of gas. The reason is that, they do not have a job while the gas prices are continuously rising. This may result into the worst condition in the upcoming years. Therefore, the idea proposed said to be a securing factor for the citizens' positive future building. However, the idea of drilling was a shock for most of the people. The multiple-thinking minds of a single state, made this issue argumentative whether to go for the oil drilling within the state or to continue importing the oil from other locations like Middle East, which is continuously charging a high price to USA. Therefore, the citizens are living with unsatisfactory future plans and currently could not afford to buy needed gallons of gas in such economic conditions (Night, 2010).

Whether to Drill or Not to Drill?

In the current economic conditions, USA sends more than $700 billion dollars to countries where some do not even have friendly relations with USA and therefore considered it as offensive. That is, "why such a lot of money is going to the countries who do not like USA?" Therefore, the import needs to stop. It is evident that the requirement can easily be fulfilled that is usually import, by incurring a big cost and staying dependent. I support the idea of drilling the oil from the off the coast of southern California, Coastal Alaska Gulf of Mexico. No doubt, we can fulfill the requirement of 20.8 barrels of oil per day, but we can definitely try reaching the need (Gertz, 2010). While we work on the respective idea, we should also find out more ideas to fulfill the demand of energy required to get the environment free from different impurities resulting in green & clean environment.

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There are many reasons to support the idea of drilling within the state. One of the main reasons is the working class, who currently do not have a job. For the reason, they are unable to pay even for a single gallon of gas. There is about 15.1 million of the population, which makes about 9.8% of the total population who are jobless (The employment situation November- 2010, 2010). If such industry is developed, the jobs will be sprouting out to be given to such people who are out of jobs. Experienced people will be living a better life, which are thrown by different companies due to reason of downsizing. Therefore, the unemployment rate, which has increased from 9.6% to 9.8%, will drop making the economic conditions better. Another reason to go for the drilling is that, we will be off the dependency on those countries where we do not have a friendly relationship. The countries like Saudi Arabia export more than 12% to USA apart from the other 41 countries exporting oil to USA for fulfilling the yearly requirement. Therefore, this will free us from the dependency of oil from Middle East and later from other countries.

Moreover, the conditions may be better without planning the respective only if the relations are restricted only to business relationship with the countries where there is a quintessence of terrorism and war, and the jobs are back to normal resulting into a better living.

Talking about the reality, the state really needs to work on its resources to overcome the economic conditions negativities and increase the yearly revenue while cutting off the expenses of importing oil from 42 countries. The reason why people are scared of the policy of drilling within the state is due to the reason that it will create negative effect on the environmental conditions. The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has already given an affirmative answer that the drilling in the coastal area will not affect the environmental conditions (, 2005). The citizens should understand that the requirement by 2030 would increase up to 23 million barrels per day, which is leading to increasing cost and worst economic condition (Gertz, 2010). The government should continuously make the citizens and the leaders going against the idea believe that it will work for us for sure! The drilling will make our dependency get over, make us economically beneficial and therefore create more jobs and better living for all.

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