Class attendance at college level for students is indeed a big issue that has been experienced in many institutions of learning. Failing to attend classes is one of the things that learners do after they have gotten access to college. It is a stage, where learners have the liberty to attend classes as they please. This absence from class is realized in different ways. Either the student will turn in late for the class, leave before the lesson ends or fail to show up completely. While there are policies that instructors set on attendance, they sometimes do as they please. The situation, thus, gets worse. Students believe that they have the right to make a choice of attending class despite the policies of the instructors without being subjected to any repercussions. While this kind of freedom exists, Moore and Jensen say that, “students affected by this behavior have a high chance of failing in their education” (p.27). Thus, this essay affirms that failing to attend classes has a negative impact on the success of the student.

It is very wrong for students to think that they have the right to choose either to attend classes or not just because they have paid their tuition fees. This is a very misguided position that is held by some students. Making payment for tuition is not a guarantee for success. Success must be pursued even at the class level. Without this, the resources, engaged in the process, are likely to go into the drain with fruitless efforts. Moore and Jensen assert that, “attending class is a very important aspect of earning education” (p. 30). According to Gump, “college students are expected to show maturity and take part in a sound process of learning that can be realized by attending classes” (p. 25). This call for discipline and being responsible enough attend classes for the courses they have paid for.

There are a lot of things that the instructor covers in class and that could be hard to locate in textbooks.  There are very important elements of learning that contribute effectively to the success of the learner. Rocca believes that, “shortcuts for handling problems, exam tips, cutting-edge information and jokes can only be offered by the instructor” (p. 185). This creates a fast and deeper understanding that makes the ideas sink deep in the mind of the learner. It is, thus, very unfortunate for the college student who thinks that he or she can do it on their own. It is very alarming to realize the loss that the students are incurring by failing to attend classes. Showing up for a class is only half a move made towards success. There are other disturbing instances which are also detrimental like playing solitaire, sleeping, looking at the phone and lack of attention among others.

College students need to show maturity by attending classes and realizing that college is both an experience and a process of learning. Not everything is going to take the form of rainbows and unicorns. Classes may be boring, at times, and not pleasing. But they are still worth attending. Success is measured right from class attendance to the ultimate exam performance. Coming in late and/or leaving earlier before the class ends is very disruptive for the entire class session. This happens to both the students and the instructors. It is likely going to impact on the kind of personality that will emerge out of the individual after college. The consequences are far reaching. Gump asserts that, “earning a degree will demand a student to attend classes and do the work as a student” (p.24). Class attendance can be seen as a simple task. However, it is very imperative.

Generally, it is important for students to know that the more they attend classes, the less they would need to study. Attending classes gives the explanation of the general information provided in textbooks. Moore states that, “the instructor’s contribution, the involvement of the classmates diversifies the scope of learning and understanding” (pp. 369). Relying on the textbook alone can be very harmful to students’ performance because there will be little to understand. Showing up in class, saves on time and energy, required to prepare for exams. Of course, this comes with effective revision process in preparation for the exams.  It is, therefore, very important to attend classes otherwise, students would have difficulties in emerging out successfully after their stay in college.


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