Communication Essay Introduction

Various activities take place in class during the process of teaching. The most common activity among the students is communication. Communication takes diverse forms such as verbal, non-verbal and written ones. Verbal communication includes whispering whereas non-verbal entails signals, gestures, body movements, facial expressions among others. Written communication encompasses short hand notes transferred from one student to another. Students also engage in writing; they put down notes for future revision or reference. Reading also takes place in class while the teacher teaches. Students read books in order to get a deeper and clearer understanding of the material.

Communication Essay Body Paragraph

Students communicate a lot among each other while teaching goes on and, as the teacher is the main center of attraction, much is commonly discussed concerning him/her. Students talk about the teacher’s clothes. Style of dressing explains a lot about who we are, and it is even common to hear people saying that we dress to express our views. Clothes indicate religion, interests, age, sex, class, and even culture among others. The students also talk about the teacher’s activities. The teachers perform various actions in the process of teaching and the most vivid examples are: walking around the class, marking the students’ books, performing certain gestures and many other actions. The students may also discuss the teacher’s handwriting especially when a chalkboard forms part of the teaching aids. Here, the students discuss legibility issues among others.

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Communication Essay Conclusion

Students exchange opinions concerning the teacher’s talking. Audibility, words pronunciation, and other communication factors form part of the students’ impression about the teacher. Students are interested in the way the teacher pronounces certain words because, in most cases, the teacher acts as their guide in learning the art of speech. Students also take particular interest in the teacher’s personal grooming. Under these, several factors come forth to criticism or to praise. If, for instance, the teacher has a trendy hairstyle, then the students will have much to talk about during the learning process, and some will even go ahead and emulate the style. In conclusion, many various activities take place among the students during studying, which might not deal with the learning process at all.

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