America is among the most diverse nations of the world. The diversity of the American society is unique because of its racial, cultural, and religious balance. This careful balance is evident in most learning institution especially those belonging to the tertiary education level such as universities. These institutions are constantly trying to promote an accommodative environment for everyone by implementing non-discriminative policies to guide social life in the learning setting. Thus, in order to show my support for this initiative, I intended to uphold diversity with an aim of promoting harmonious living at the University of Kentucky.

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Culture is among the most significant factors that interfere with the dynamism of interaction among students. In the modern day American university setting, students come from far off places of the world to acquire the knowledge in their respective fields of specialty. For example, I am certain to meet students from Far East Asia, which has been stereotyped as lagging behind in terms of civilization. This notion is usually driven by native students possessing limited knowledge on other people’s cultures. Thus, when I join the University of Kentucky, I intend to sensitize other students on the importance of having a global approach to culture.  I will achieve this by encouraging my friends to participate in a cultural mind games where one is required to choose a part of the globe, for example, China, then proceed to provide information on their way of life.

Religion is another aspect that conspicuously affects students in the American learning institutions. When I join the University of Kentucky, I will portray a global attitude towards students coming from diverse religions. I will interact with students from Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Indian, or Jewish religions without showing selecting interaction based on one’s views. I believe that the beauty of our nation is partly driven by unique religious makeup of our nation. In my approach, I will encourage my friends to avoid viewing students from other religions with a different mindset.

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