The national birth rate 1t 2010 was found to be 39.1 in every one thousand women who were aged between the age of 15 and 19. The birth rate of the teens is perhaps high in Texas standing at 63.4 for every one thousand with many places such as Houston and Harris County having teenage birth rate of above 100 for every one thousand females (Peggy Smith).

Minority groups in particular the African-Americans and the Hispanics are at high risks of teenage pregnancies. Estimation puts the Hispanics girls becoming pregnant under the age of 20 years at 52% and 50% for the African-Americans. In 2006, teenagers aging between the age of 15 and 19 portrayed a high birth rate among the Hispanics standing at 83 for every 1000 with 64 for 1000 among the African-American (Peggy Smith).

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The teenage pregnancies result to high dropout of teenage pregnancies and as a result, the relevant authorities have employed various measures that will reduce the pregnancies.  Researches earlier done found African-American students who were as early as in their sixth grade being sexually active and this is a clear indication that as they graduate from the high schools above two thirds of them are usually sexually active leading to teenage preganacies that eventually results to their school dropout  (Peggy Smith).

Due to majority of the being enrolled at the school at the age of 15 and 17, the school system becomes the ideal avenue which will present appropriate strategies of pregnancy risk-reduction. Most of the educational interventions employed include abstinence coupled with an educational curriculum or abstinence only which bears positive results in preventive pregnancy. With the school based programmes not necessarily effective, the government has established school based centers of health which provide the African-American students with great resources on reproductive services of health. This protects the students from unintended pregnancies as well as many sexually transmitted diseases (Peggy Smith). 

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