Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to an instructional process in which children are taught how to identify and control their emotions, establishing vital personal and academic goals, applying social awareness and interpersonal skills to build and sustain positive relationships, and making responsible choices to attain success in school and life in general (Elias, 2010). Studies show that SEL programs enhance students’ social and emotional growth, eagerness to learn, behavior in and out of school, and school performance.

The aim SEL Programs is to help the students gain a sense of self-awareness and acquire self-management skills necessary to attain success in school and in general life, helping students to use social awareness and interpersonal skills to create and sustain positive relationships, and to help them acquire decision-making skills and learn the importance of behaving responsibly both in school and in the community contexts (Linda, 2008).

Teaching Strategies

In this two week program, I will follow the Strong start K-2 Social and Emotional Learning program to instill various emotional and social skills in Grade 1 students. The Strong start program has been formulated for primary school curriculum and it has proved to be very effective in instilling social and emotional skills in children (Velsor, 2009). Social and emotional capacities are vital life-long skills required for positive behavior as well as academic success.

The Strong start curriculum encompasses the following key areas of social and emotional growth:

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  • Identifying and managing ones emotions and those of others.
  • Gaining empathy, care, and concern for others.
  • Building positive relationships.
  • Handling challenges and taking responsible decisions.
  • Interpersonal conflict resolution.
  • Reflective thinking.
  • Developing self-esteem and a sense of self-efficacy.

The strong start program aims at developing holistic students who are physically, socially, and emotionally healthy. Aside from improving student’s academic performance, the program helps students to succeed in all aspects of life in general (Kronmiller, 2010). Moreover, students become more aware of themselves and their abilities which leading to happier life. The program offers instructors a systematic framework for improving social and emotional awareness of students as well as their academic competence (Nick, 2008).

Objectives of My Program

The objectives of the 2-week program shall be as follows:

  • Improving students’ sense of responsibility.
  • Enhancing students’ reflective abilities.
  • Improving students’ communication skills with adults and with their counterparts.
  • Using classroom instruction to encourage pro-social and responsible behavior.
  • To enhance students’ ability for recognizing, interpreting others emotions.
  • To improve students ability for identifying and understanding similarities and distinctions in emotions, responses, and perspectives from them and others.
  • To enhance development of empathy and viewpoint-taking in students.
  • To assist students apply social-problem solving skills to conflict resolutions.

To help students use the above skills to create a positive climate in the classroom and to improve their academic

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