The word 'high school' was first used in Scotland where its meaning was: an institution that provides the entire secondary education or just part of it.  North America is one of the parts in the world where high schools are used to give secondary education.

According to Cozic and Charles, in USA high schools are operated either by public or private individuals. The high schools that are operates and funded by the public in the USA provide free education to all students including the foreigners. The quality of education in different public high schools in USA vary depending on the amount of funding available, so that good quality is attained by better funding , and poor quality results from insufficient funding.  Private high schools in the USA are popular since they offer some options like, a broader selection of foreign languages, athletic programs, better art and music which are not available in the public high schools. 

Classification used in high school

High school generally runs in grades, for example, it runs from grades 9 to 12 or from grades 10 to 12. Students are promoted from one grade classification to another provided their performance meets the credit requirements. For instance, students earning four credits in grade 10 are promoted to grade 11, those earning 10 credits in grade 11 are promoted to grade 12, and sixteen credits are to be earned in grade 12 so that to be promoted to the next step. These promotions were usually based on the proficiency in reading, mathematics, science and writing. It is in high school where students are free to control their education and can be able to choose core classes where they are supposed to belong (Cozic and Charles).     

Dropout in high school education

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Many students who have entered the ninth group fail to graduate with their peers. In most cases, the low-income and minority students drop out of school. Students drop out of school when they fail to pass well in the middle grades. The dropouts are disadvantaged since they have fewer opportunities and therefore reduced earnings (Labaree).    

Goal for high school in America

This is to prepare students for college and university as a way of reducing the less fortunate youths in the United States. These less fortunate youths experience dilapidated economic opportunities. It is true that these unfortunate youths earn an increased income when they have gone through colleges and universities. Students become aware on how to select colleges, and also on how to obtain financial aid when they have passed through various grades in high school (Labaree).

Reforming high schools in America

So that the performance of a school is improved, positive transformations should take place. For instance, the traditional three Rs should be replaced with new three Rs which are: rigor, relationships and relevance. In the case of rigor, students integrate skills and knowledge. Relationships come out when students develop a sense of belonging and accountability for ideas similar to their personal learning. Relevance is depicted when the course content goes hand-in-hand with the real life situation (Hughes).         

High schools mark the point to determine whether an individual in the community is to be less fortunate or successful. Failing through various grades in high school leads to dropping out of school hence becoming less fortunate. So that to reduce crises in high schools suitable reforms should take place.

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