In the recent past, the world has changed rapidly. Technology is one of the main reasons causing change in our society today. Education as an important aspect of our society has a considerable amount of attention.  Today, the current education system in the United States does not fully grant the societal needs of the present time. This paper addresses this problem critically and suggests possible ways to improve the system of education. This paper also discusses the techniques of problem solving, whereby both teachers and students participate in approaching educational concepts in class. To explain this, paper focuses on Paula Freire’s article, “The Pedagogy of the oppressed”. The research paper has also focused on the possible ways to let technology be a significant part of the education system. The paper has tackled these two lines of argument in a unique way.

Education in America deserves to be improved, so that it is friendly to both teachers and students. When it comes to the expense of education and the practicability of the skills acquired in the American system of education, the current education system requires some improvements. As it appears on the video Good Transparency: Education in America, $543 billion is the figure spent on education by students in America with each spending over $ 10,000. This is a hugely expensive figure to be a cost of education. Therefore, the system of education in America should be changed to make it less expensive for all American, including the poor. The Mathematics tests of the students in the American system of education did not perform well from a worldwide  perspective (William 103).

As it appears in the Video, United States has a ranking of position 24 in the whole world. This is a sure prove that there is more room for improvement for the education system in the United States. Being a super economic power, education in the United States should also be the best in the World. This is a sure way to ensure that United States remains a super power empowered by their educational system. Therefore, there is no doubt that this system of education needs to be improved. Also, the United States have perfumed the following in the subjects across the word. Science’s position is twenty one and reading literacy takes  fifteen position. American teachers spend 1080 hours on teaching each year, while the global average of teaching hours is only 794 hours every year. This is a lot of class time that the current system uses in teaching. In fact, it may be argued that the system only overworks the students with long class hours.

The American graduation rate in the world has slipped to the 19th position after being the first position 40 years ago. 6000 students drop out of school in the USA, and 30% of the students do no graduate high school. The US ranks third in the percentage of graduates with 39%. This is extremely low, considering that Russian Federation has 54%, and it does not fare better than the US in terms of the economy and political influence. For every 20 top universities around the world, 13 are in the United States. The statistics from this Video show that the United States has enormous potential in terms resource (Maier 56). This is a formidable challenge, because it does not perform according to the expectations. Therefore, this system needs to be changed.

Paulo Freire banking model of education, as articulated in his article suggests that education should be changed in a way that is friendly for developing the student’s creative ability. Problem solving is a crucial aspect of education. It involves the student’s active performance during class time. Freire is against the idea of looking at students as empty vessels to be field by the teacher. He says that this inhibits the student’s ability to think critically and become more creative (Freire 77).  In changing or improving the American educational system, the new system should involve the performance of students in class. Education should be a mutual concept whereby both teachers and learners should learn appropriately.

Sometimes, the personal experiences of students can be intensely practical in learning and this may be relevant, and improve the understanding of these students on learning concepts. The educational system should be improved to make it two-way traffic between the teacher and the learner and help the learners gain maximally from the system. Also, participation in problem solving makes learning engaging and memorable to the students. Therefore, it is necessary for educationists in the United States to consider enhancing these provisions and ideologies, since they lack in the educational system. The teacher’s and students level of critical thinking is the determiner of the level of effectiveness of problem solving method. When the students are so proficient at critical thinking, all the relevant issue surrounding the topic of concern are well covered, and they remain memorable to the student’s memory.

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The changing the education system in the United States has to make technology a significant founder of this system. Technology should be given a place in this system, because the world is changing. Every life facet involves technology in one way or the other. When technology is inputted in the system of education, in the United States the effectiveness of this system will improve. The technology should be inputted adequately in learning to improve the American educational system. This is because we are at the 211st century and the role of education in technology has changed rapidly. For example, students in class may use computer programs to explain various concepts (Kent 37).

A model created using a computer program may be used to explain the behavior of air molecules in different situations. The use of such an illustration in a chemistry class may be extremely advantageous since it would be memorable to all students in class. Also, with the use of the Internet in class the students may use e-books in their work. Whenever this tool is made practical in the class situation, it would be particularly beneficial in reducing the queues that students have to make in the library to assess certain book. This is also a cheap way of learning, for schools in the educational system in America. This is because these schools would   find this cheaper  more convenient that buying books to be used by the students. Therefore, the role of technology in making this system better than it cannot get ignored. In fact, the system that would replace the current system should be aimed at educating children on computer skills at the youngest age possible.

Teachers and lecturers should consider using projectors in class, instead of chalk boards. This is a time saving technological way of study, because the teachers do not have a hard task. This would also reduce the class hours used in the current education system. These hours are too many compared to the global standard number of teaching hours per year. This improves the performance of learners in all the subjects, since they are not exhausted. Institutions in the United States should also consider creating learning management systems (Kent 37). These computer programs or internet applications aim at reaching their students appropriately. When this is used in class, the children perform better that the current system enhances. The use of computers, laptops and tablets in class may help students and the teacher to access the internet for scholarly information. However, teachers should be keen to ensure that all students have a laptop, tablet or computer to convince that there is equality in the class. With this technology based applications in the educational system, learning becomes a fascinating exercise and the children of the United States perform better in their education.

The use of the Internet unlocks the world of opportunity for students. The students now get information and Ideas that are out of reach with the current system of education in United States. The use of technology, especially through the use of the Internet, makes the students and teachers to harness their concern in learning to a global viewpoint, instead of a local way of thinking that gets motivated by the current system of education (Jerome 119). Therefore, installing technological innovations into the education system may be an extraordinarily instrumental aspect towards making the future of America to be brighter in the educational sector, and hence excellent performance in all fields.

From the foregoing, it is so vivid and clear that the problem solving and giving technology a principal place in teaching are both methods that can satisfactorily improve the system of education in the United States. The research paper has also established that the current system of Education in the United States at the moment is dysfunctional and requires to be improved. These two methods are functional and can be exceptionally beneficial to the United States by making it a key educational power. This is not a hard task for the United States since they have adequate educational resources. The right use of one of the two methods would guarantee educational success in the United States and prestige that would come with their recognition of the United States as a world class region of educational excellence.

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