The job market is increasingly shrinking due to lack of expansion of job opportunities. This has compelled many students to seek better academic qualifications, which can make them relevant to the current job requirements. Since a college degree is seen as a gate pass to the job market, many people are now enrolling for courses in order to enhance their chances of securing employment. The selection of a college by a student should be determined by his career interests.  Unfortunately, many students select colleges based on other factors, which have nothing to do with their courses. For instance, convoluted factors like prestige and sporting history of a college can influence a student to seek admission in it. In the end, college does not ‘pay off’. So, what needs to be done to make college relevant to students’ career needs?

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Preparation for the job market depends on more than just attaining a degree. To enhance their marketability, students should join various organizations and pursue internships. The greatest return on investment in education is usually enjoyed by those who utilize their time on campus effectively.

Although the cost of going to college has significantly gone up, there are some institutions that still charge fair fees, but still provide excellent skills. Therefore, students who incur fewer expenses in college are likely to get more value out of their college degrees.

Moreover, it is the quality of an individual’s degree that has value in the job market. In order to benefit from the investment of going to college, students must pursue their studies properly and graduate within the stipulated time.


In conclusion, college education should be perceived as a potential investment, whose benefits can be realized in future. Therefore, students should effectively use their time resources in college to enable them get good degrees, which will enable them secure better employment opportunities.

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