Las Vegas is in the state of Nevada and in the seat of the Clark County. The city of Las Vegas is well known domestically and internationally as the major city for fine dining and gambling. Las Vegas over time has become very popular with gambling and leisure. The city attracts more than 35 million visitors every year (UNEP, 76). This number of visitors is higher than what Mecca, the holy city of Islam in Saudi Arabia and even Orlando receives in a year. Most visitors regard Las Vegas as the "Sin City" or the "City without Clocks" or it is also referred by others as "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

To some people who live in Las Vegas, Vegas to them is home, it has a population of 1.7 million according to the 2000 census Moehring and Green, 5). The Las Vegas metropolitan is where most people who live in Las Vegas work, they live and it is also where most schools and recreational facilities are located. The city's major industry is gambling but the majority of the people of Las Vegas, earn their living just like other Americans by working in shops, construction companies and the same occupations that Americans of all life pursue.

Las Vegas begun in the 20th Century and has grown to very high proportions. The city of Las Vegas is currently being faced by a number of challenges that include water, schooling due to the high growth in population, improvement in the health care for its constantly growing population. There is also the problem of air pollution that is currently facing the people and the city of Las Vegas, pollution is mostly caused by the high level of traffic in the state and also from the noise in the streets due to the increase in activity caused by a great increase in the number of people. The city of Las Vegas also lacks good museums and also its music.

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To improve Las Vegas the quality of education in this city needs to be improved as it is very uneven. There are good public schools in Las Vegas especially in the upscale areas of Green Valley as well as Summerlin and other areas. There are also very good private schools, this are for the people who can afford them. Despite this the education system in Las Vegas has little to be desired, the schools have a very high dropout rate by the students, it is about 11.7% in 9th to 12th grade. Also the result in examinations such as SAT the results by the students in the schools in Clarks County are around the national average. This is a disturbing fact putting into consideration that the future of Las Vegas lies on its youth who are not performing well in education. There is an increased spending by the authorities but this has not been successful in improving the education system (Gottdiener, 271).

The curriculum that is taught in most schools in Las Vegas is inadequate. There is an increased importance nationally and acceptance of languages, mathematics as well as sciences in the school's curriculum. This prepares the students nationally in the increasingly competitive global market. In the state of Nevada, high schools are not required to teach foreign languages to their students. Also, only two sciences are required with an additional one and a half credit in the computer studies.
The increase in population has led to an increase in the student population in most schools. The authorities must put in place systems to cope with the increase in the population of students.

The city of Las Vegas is a great city that has grown very much over time. The future of Las Vegas lies on its investment on the youth and the young. The best investment it can make is by the quality of education that is offered by its schools. The city must strive to improve the quality of education as well as the environment for the students to study well.

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