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I would like to recommend the above-named person in your institution of learning. He is an enthusiastic person who likes to volunteer in pursuit of helping others. He has volunteered in coaching his juniors understand education matters as well as cleaning the environment through non-governmental organizations.  He likes to work in team work and effectively participates in discussions during class work.  I believe that he will be a resource in your university because if his efforts are rewarded, he can discover his best as well as helping others to realize their potential.

Apart from working hard in class work, he devotes his energy in participating in extracurricular activities because it helps to bring out the potential in an individual. He has been a lawn tennis player and a coach who is quite resourceful in his Annex youngster club. During the previous year’s science symposium, he helped his school to become the first because he presented his topic on ‘Maximization of Solar Energy to Eradicate Overreliance on Hydro Power Energy’ which made him receive a trophy for his school and certificates.

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He is an autonomous student who believes in being independent when carrying out research, which is resourceful to him as well as to other people in his vicinity. He is industrious in his studies and does not give up until he achieves his dream.  He applied for an admission in your institution out of interest but, not coercion. It was based on interest which is an indication that the institution is of his interest. He is focused in becoming one of the most competent scholars, who will uplift the name of your institution by carrying out research that will transform the world. He believes in becoming a force to reckon with in the society for, he is intrinsically motivated.

I look forward into your consideration because this chance will make him change his life and be resourceful to the institution, and the nation at large.

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