The most important sector in the medical sphere is health care sector, as patients must receive only qualitative medical care. This task requires utmost devotion and genuine passion. Medics must provide qualitative health care to people and do their best in order to prevent epidemics, promote healthy way of living and save lives. Having got the qualification of a health care provider and currently working at the 638 system in Ganado, Arizona, I value the quality of life and the welfare of patients.  This essay aims at highlighting the key reasons that warrant a scholarship award to work in Chile, Kayenta, Arizona or Shiprock and New Mexico, and the contributions I will make to the community.

While working as a health care professional in Ganado, Arizona, I set up and helped with the community affairs in starting a project called “airway for schools”. This project was aimed at helping school kids. It became a point of interest in the whole region and was benefited. I have much experience in health care. The most profound working experience was gained in the RT field. I attended a grandfather DX, suffering from the Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and a child with asthma. Evidently, none of the RT staff in the HIS facilities informed the health care providers about the disease process, instead, they treated patients and left. Additionally, they never prepared their health care providers to some emergency cases, apparently some of them lacked basic education in the field and just worked on a contract basis. During my tenure in the RT department I managed to instill efficiency among the personnel. In addition, I reduced the inflated budget, thereby, reducing costs.   Although, I am comfortable working at the 638 system, I would like to become an IHS employee in the future. My goal is to help in educating the RT’s in the sphere of cardiopulmonary system, thus, preparing them for the work with such patients and making them ready in case their families need such kind of assistance. If I get this scholarship, I will give it back to the community through reaching out and conducting community education programs, intended to increase health awareness and self sufficiency through individual participation. As a health care provider who has worked in a community setting before, I intend to initiate, support and advocate for an extension of the health care budget to the remote areas so that every society member can access qualitative health care. Additionally, I will dedicate my expertise to informal counseling, delivering health care concepts in cultural terms, helping the community to understand and  to participate in health care and disease prevention. I will also engage in patients follow-up and will spearhead the formulation and implementation of new health care strategies. All these reasons collectively inspire me to pursue a career in the health care setting. Moreover, I can visualize the satisfaction of saving lives, providing quality care and improving the delivery of health care service.

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My past achievements in the health care field include caring for HIV patients. In addition, I have conducted extensive research on community care and this specifically dwells on the community’s role in treating patients. Shifting to the community and tribes plays a vital role for health providers, therefore, I see the need to educate them more on safety measures and first aid measures, which are to be taken in order to save lives and prevent infections.

Also in an effort to promote safe maternal care during pregnancy, I participated in the extensive advocating and certification of qualified midwives in the community, as we distributed the basic life saving equipment for their practice. In conclusion, I have great interest in taking up a health care role in Chinle and Shiprock areas. This scholarship award will enable me to actualize my dreams and aspirations in the health care sector.

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