To provide educational assistance to qualifying girls from Africa interested in pursuing a degree in health sciences from the University of Otago in New Zealand, and are dedicated to the improvement of the health status of poor African communities. This follows numerous works undertaken by Rosalind Kemp to improve the health status of communities in remote villages of east Africa.

Rosalind Kemp graduated from the University of Otago in 1966 and it was her wish that this scholarship program be established in her alma mater. (University of Otago)

The Rosalind Kemp foundation was established in 2007 and is managed by a board of four directors. It is funded by various charities Organizations and currently runs four scholarship programs. This will be then fifth.

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Notice of availability of funds will be given to African schools every beginning of the year. Qualified applicants will then be selected by a special committee based on the university of Otago's regulations on the degree of bachelor of health sciences.

The applicants will be required to demonstrate a special interest in improving health especially in marginalized communities, and must be a citizen of any African country.

The scholarship program will cater for full tuition and accommodation for five girls every year and disbursements will be made at the beginning of the academic year. (Robert Noyce).

If there are no eligible applicants in any given year, the funds for that year will be set aside and added to the normal amount that would be available the next year.

On behalf of the board of governors, I would like to submit this scholarship program for your perusal and subsequent approval by the university of Otago senate.

The Rosalind Foundation President

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