What is subculture? Why students divide into some particular groups? What incites them to behave like that?

Subculture is a group of students that have similar dressing style, lifestyle and, what is more important, they belong to the similar social class. Despite of statements that there are no social classes in the West, they still exist. Let’s take one subculture from the upper class which is preppies. Usually they are students from the families of upper-class, and their dressing style in some features referes to the style of Ivy League universities students (Vilina 102).

In our school, there are many different subcultures such as goths, emos, punks, athletes, losers, nerds. Let us pay attention to each of them.

Goths. It is the subculture of those who hate the values of ordinary people; goths never wear gold bijouterie and decoration, they prefer silver to other precious metals because they believe that gold is a metal which brought death and covetousness many years ago. They wear only black clothes and prefer to wear cloaks(it depends on their class and wealth). Considering their way of life, goths behave like other students, but hang out only with other goths.

Emos. It is a kind of subculture, which focuses on the expression of the emotions and feelings; they can be “true-emo” and just “emo”. True emo refers to those, who not only wears black clothes with pink stripes or other elements, but also have emo lifestyle.

Punks. The subculture originated from 86-s punk rock. They try to differ from the mass by wearing strange clothes, making tattoos and so on. They prefer to listen to the rock music called punk rock.

Athletes. They are usually stronger than others, prefer to wear open clothes to demonstrate their muscles. They prefer to visit gym and, even skip classes being there. In some cases, they like to pick on losers or nerds. Though, these cases are very rare.

Losers. It is a group of subjectively called students who are from the lower class or those, who do not hang out with popular students. The reason of putting a “loser” tag on the student is unknown.

Nerds. Nerds are “students who prefer books to conversation with other,” said one student of our school. They are highly-educated students who wear simple clothes, do not try to outrage, and behave very calmly. They also form some groups of students to share experience and knowledge (Hebdige ).


To sum up, after all these students are teenagers and they need self-expression. It doesn’t matter who they are, the important thing is their self-expression and ability to adapt to the process of socialization establishment. It will help them to find their own way of life. 

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