Time has come for the universal preschool program to be instituted wholesomely amongst the various schools distributed in the United States of America and other countries of the world. The universal preschool is a global group program that makes the preschool education available to all the families. The movement was instituted in France under Ecoles Maternelles in the year 1834. The movement was adopted in many other parts of the globe, including New Jersey, Florida, Oklahoma and Illinois in the United States of America.

The preschool program was instituted by the courts in 1833. The court passed a ruling to initiate a universal program for kids due to the increase cases of poor quality of education in various parts of the United States. It was thereafter approved by the citizens. Afterwards, the governor and legislature implemented the program, starting with the states of Georgia and New Jersey.

Importance of Adopting the Preschool Movement

The parents and guardians were to bring their children to the preschool instead of leaving them to remain at home. The preschool program was intended to be free to all children whose parents could not afford to take them to private day care programs. Currently, the kindergarten program is already in place and had so far helped many kids learn to read and write at an early age. This was an added advantage when they joined the elementary classes as compared to the others who came directly from home to the elementary class.

Consequently, various people have stood strongly to back up the movement in various parts of the globe. Time has come for the universal movement to be legally practiced worldwide. The reasons to support this idea range from financial ability, social status balance, intelligence protection to economic boost in a country. Comparisons were made out of a survey carried out in the United States of America and France. The financially challenged families usually received the poorest quality of education. The reason for this was because they could not afford the money needed to take their children to private schools.

However, the introduction of the government funded universal preschools shall enable all families to educate their children with ease. The kids are taken to the preschool classes at any age that the parents find appropriate. The most preferred age is three years so that they can spend their day in school instead of playing aimlessly at home. The preschool teachers undergo special training concerning their jobs. The teachers would train the kids on how to write names and read the basic English words.

The survey carried out showed that the universal preschool education allowed many more kids to be enlightened at a very tender age. The effect of such kind of initial enlightenment is that at the elder stages, they will have fewer problems comprehending what the lessons entail. This could not have happened if the children remained home till the age of seven in order to join the kindergarten class.

Additionally, most of the children became brighter as they joined the other kids in the elementary classes. Therefore, kids from the rich and poor families all were able to acquire basic education at an early age of six years. As a result, very many children were able to perform well in the national examination, as compared to the previous children who just joined the primary classes without attending the universal preschool. Therefore, the initiation of the preschool movement is very timely in the current school setup.

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Consequently, introduction of the universal preschool movement proved to be timely due to the extra ability revealed at a younger age amongst the kids. The young children when left to play at home the whole day are exposed to multiple risks. These risks include acquiring inappropriate and insult language, unaccounted health risks as well uncouth behaviors. On the other hand, while in the universal pre-schools, they are exposed to skills like drawing, molding, singing and playing.

As a result, the skills acquired at a very tender age enable them establish interest in their gifts and abilities early. This becomes more important in the future when the children should differentiate their abilities and gifts. Gifts and abilities are used to help children choose their areas of specialization. This, therefore, helps improve the education system in the 21st century, because many people shall be found pursuing careers in which they are gifted.

 Consequently, very few cases have been reported to have difficulties choosing their careers. Parents and teachers also do not have to force their children to specialize in areas that are out of their interest. Comparisons from previous educational survey show that children chose careers similar to their parents’ just because they had never sufficiently exploited their unique abilities.

The additional impact of the universal preschools is experienced in the way children accommodate each other when promoted to the elementary classes. Children react sincerely to changes in the new environment they are taken into. People all over accept to live in environments they are familiar with more than in new exposures. Therefore, various interviews were carried out amongst the children and parents in the universal preschools. These interviews indicated that the children were more responsive to the familiar kids they met while in the universal preschools. This also implies that pre-schooling has a positive impact on the education system in the 21st century.

In addition, the kids learn to read and write fluent English while in the elementary classes. The results recorded by kids who attended the universal preschools were more appealing than those of children who did not. Therefore, the teacher had an extra responsibility to train the fresh kids how to use the Basic English in reading and writing their names. On the contrary, it could have been easier to teach a class with uniformly enlightened children. The universal preschools are attended at free will by kids. However, it is important to have parents send the young children to these schools. This is so that they do not lag behind others or struggle to catch up.

The additional importance of seriously adopting the universal preschool movement is that it allows parents time to go about their daily tasks with ease. This also reduces their monthly expenses of probably employing a house help. The universal preschools provide food and daily care for all the kids throughout the year until they graduate to the elementary classes. Thus, the burden of incurring extra costs is reduced, especially for economically challenged families who may have more children.

As a result of relieving the economic burden from parents, more kids are able to be educated, since a lot of poor families did not prioritize education because it was unaffordable. Therefore, most times their children remained uneducated and adults went for casual jobs. Thus, it is time to embrace the universal preschool movement in order to have more educated young people in the countries. The survey carried out showed that the universal preschool education allowed much more kids to be enlightened at a very tender age. The effect of such kind of initial enlightenment is that the children that attend preschool institutions will have fewer problems comprehending what the lessons entail at the elder stages. This could not have happened if the children remained home till the age of seven in order to join the kindergarten class. 

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