I am very interested in meteorology. This is one of the reasons why Christopher Landsea is the geographer I admire the most. Christopher Landsea is an American meteorologist born in 1965. He worked at the Hurricane Research Division of Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory as a research meteorologist. Currently, he is a Science and Operations Officer at the National Hurricane Center. He studied at Colorado State University. In order to achieve his goals and objectives in the field, he collaborates with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). IPCC is a group of climate researchers who come together each year so as to analyze the climatic changes in the environment as a result of enhanced global warming. However, in 2005, he wrote a resignation letter from IPCC to the community due to the fact that the leadership of IPCC was making claims about hurricanes without prior research on the same. He viewed the publication as being politicized yet when he made his complains they were not put into consideration. (Claussen 221)

He majors in the science of hurricanes and tropical weather forecasting. He even got an award of the same from the American Meteorological Society. He has largely contributed to facts behind the link between hurricane intensity change and global warming. According to him, research has proven that hurricanes are not purely caused by global warming. On the contrary, the effect of global warming on the intensity of hurricanes is a mere one percent or two percent at most. Currently h e carries out his research at his work place, National Hurricane Center. He has a number of publications of his work.  He wrote and published Tropical Cyclones: FAQ, Typhoons and Hurricanes. (Burrough 85)

Over the years, his work has greatly evolved. This is evident through the numerous awards that he has received. In 2007, he received the NOAA Administrator's award for the establishment and administration of the Joint Hurricane Testbed leading to improved forecasts. In October 2000, he also received the United States Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award. Also, his appointment to speak to the media about the relationship between climate change and hurricanes after the devastation of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina was a major stepping stone in his career. This is due to the fact that the Bush Administration appointed him over another scientist who had already been proposed. In order to be successful, Landsea has always respected facts and would do anything to oppose anything that is not factual. This was evident when he resigned from the IPCC because of what he termed as 'politicized leadership'.

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Landsea's professional interests in meteorology have been strictly guided by his urge to understand nature. He has been guided by questions such as why is there climate change. What causes climate change? What are the effects of climate change? What about global warming? What is the link between global warming and climate change? (Butcher and  Still well 253)

Studying about Landsea has been of great help to me. This is especially because of his beliefs. He stands u for himself irrespective of the consequences. This is because his self drive is mainly as a result of what is right and factual. He is angered by people who make baseless statements. He refuses to be part of statements that are untrue and not researched. He believes in doing research so as to make sure that the correct actions are taken at all times. My interest in climatic changes and meteorology has been greatly uplifted by the scientist's work. This will be very helpful in my career. I am especially happy about his discipline while carrying out his research. I am sure to emulate him and do all things like he does. In case of any flaws in his work I will learn from his mistakes and become better. I am sure that it is possible to achieve our dreams provided we stay focused. This I have learnt from his desire top achieve good results. His achievements are a great source of inspiration for me at all times.

All scientists need to come together so as to set objectives and goals on how to solve the environmental problems. Together, the scholars are likely to come up with long-lasting solutions to the problem that has been around for over a decade. Through the experiences in matters dealing with environment they are the best group of people suited to come up with the anticipated solution. Due to the unexpected climatic changes it is difficult to predict the nature of climate in the future. As such the solution that is deliberated on must take into consideration this very important factor. They need to put their differences aside and focus on the real matters.

Our environment is of great importance and it is our responsibility to look after it as we go about carrying out day to day activities. Let us all rise up and take care of our environment and also make it as our responsibility to enlighten those individual who are still ignorant about the impacts and importance of our environment. The government should lead the public by enforcing rules and punishing anyone who disobey them.

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