Human Should Make Contact with Other Planets

The universe is wide and made up of numerous planets. Researchers have asserted that intelligent life exists on other planets, and it would be vital for humans to make contact. The other planets, which support intelligent life, are of immense significance to all humans and that is why they must attempt in all means, to make contact with these planets. This would be vital because humans will get new insights concerning extra-ordinary issues, they would understand themselves better, and would be able to understand the aliens.

This essay explicates the significance of humans making contact with the other planets.

They would gain more insight on questions perceived extra-ordinary. Making contact with extra-terrestrial life would enable humans get answers on questions relating to the origin, evolution of the universe, and the origin of religious issues. Human would understand the entire universe better as contact will help trace the origin of the earth in relation to the other planets that support intelligent life. The origin and stages of evolution of the entire universe would thus be known given the answers on matters relating on how the earth came into existence. Humans will understand the origin of religious beliefs and the reason for their existence. They will get to understand the different forms of religion and methods of worship in the different planets. The belief relating to the worship of God or other features like stars would be traced if they attempt to make contact. This is all vital because it satisfies the human fears relating to issues of evolution and religion.

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Making contact would enable humans to have a deeper understanding of themselves. The experience from extra-terrestrial contact would be vital because it gives humans an identity. They would gain the identity as unique beings on the earth’s surface. They would come to understand their uniqueness especially in their reasonability compared to the extra-terrestrial aliens. This would thus give humans positivity in their entire operations any fear to do with their actions or emotions would be answered. Humans will thus develop an identity with the earth. They would be more proud to be associated with the earth as their unique home. They will also understand their origin and how the origins are influenced by the existence of these other planets with intelligent life. They would understand their placement on earth as unique. Through this, humans would be able to understand themselves more and will have a sense of appreciation.

It enables human learn more about aliens thus gain a deeper understanding about them. Through making contact, human beings come across those who exist on these planets. These are referred to as aliens, and it is believed that they could be more intelligent than human beings. Humans would be able to understand the operations of these aliens and thus draw appropriate conclusions relating to them. It is believed that these aliens came into existence long before humans. This will be the starting point for understanding them more. Humans will get to know how the aliens reason and how their actions could impact on culture. For instance, their positive actions would provide hope for the existence of the human generation. If the contact yields negative results, human will understand that the contact would result in their extinction.

In conclusion, humans should attempt to make contact with the other planets where intelligence life exists. This is vital, as it would give them a wider perspective about the entire universe. They would understand themselves better and thus positively identify with the earth. In addition, they will get insight on matters relating to the earth and its origin. In addition, they will get more information relating to the aliens thus understand their actions in a better manner.

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