1. The people have embarrassed the need to have a cleaner environment. There are several activities done here to reduce smog and acidic rain. The citizens chose to use cleaner commuter car pool. People here opt to leave their cars at hope and use the public means of transport from and to work. The other alternatives are the use of bicycles, or they simply walk where possible (Ross 2005). There is a lot of educating on the need to combine errands to reduce cold starts in cars. The drivers are constantly reminded of switching of their cars on traffic jams or when not in use to reduce extended idling. Conservation of electricity is also noteworthy. The residents conserve electric power and should set air conditioners at unusually high temperatures. Residents here mulch or compost yard waste and compost leaves. Voluntary programs also play a vital role in reducing ground level formation. The volunteering activities include: Clean School Bus USA is to reduce exposure children's from the amount of air pollution created by diesel school buses.

2.  Public transit is a convenient and very reliable means of transport. It helps the residents in the area be enough to cause you to give up five dollar per gallon (I-GO,2010). Hybrids at I-GO cost less than minivan. The different rates for the vehicles do offer advantages to its members. The highest demand for the cars is on the weekend and gives members opportunity to some dollars by reserving their vehicles on week days. Slightly higher rates at the weekend also give members who want to drive a better chance of securing vehicles of their choice.

3. Other causes of pollution in china

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China as a nation want to her citizen live better lives than in Europe, and by doing so, there are significant implications. Like the US and European countries, china is deeply committed to its consumerism and its economy.  According to (Whiskey & Gunpowder 2012) China invites more and more Chinese to consume the products regardless of possible. Spread of consumerism accelerates some companies like the General Motors opportunity but will continue creating serious global challenges. The Chinese pollution is too large. Once the millions of Chinese working in the car industry, it will cause hell lots of problems. The cities have delicate ecology of space use as a result of high residential densities and small space dedicated to streets. City planners in the late 1980s had reason to believe there was the need in providing for increasing numbers of privately owned cars. Consequently, Cities in china are subject to, substantial dynamic, forces as civilian struggle to travel in precise congested conditions. The situation is caused by increased vehicle ownership (Zhongguo & National Research Council (U.S.). 2003). The entire people seek opportunities at the urban periphery. As a result, issues will crop up within the context of fast changing urban structures; the examination of the effects of motorization needs a thoughtful look at the process of change itself.

Man-made aerosol and natural causes reach the atmosphere which is never a healthy thing for Chinese weather and climate. China has active volcanos that erupt after some years. The desert wind carries aerosol particles to the atmosphere and play havoc with areas weather. The temperature patterns change with time. Asian nations are the worst hit the by the problem of air pollution. This is because winds from the vast Asian deserts carry silt and other particles into the air and the particles again collect over the pacific. In china specifically, the recent deforestation that came up as a result of economy growth leads to production of more than ideal amount of aerosol particles worse.

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