Water pollution is a big problem and much need to be done to do away with this problem that has all dimensions when it comes to the human life. In as much as 70% of the worlds population is covered with water, many people the world over die of lack of this precious commodity. The problem of water pollution has mainly been brought about by the population of the world that has greatly increased over the past three decades. This has brought the need fro sufficiency in the national and international levels of the precious commodity. The other mina contributor towards the problem of water pollution is industrialization. Many countries as they enter this competitive area where their economy tends to be growing they neglect the fact that water need to be conserved (Price, 2008).

Water pollution is a menace to the flora and fauna. This natural plant and animals desperately need water for their survival. When water is polluted it renders them completely on the verge of extinction. In the long run this is detrimental to the very economy that countries seek to grow as they enter into industrialization. This is especially true when the disposal of waste is arbitrarily done and therefore threatens the life of the plants and animals that live in Seas Rivers and oceans where this chemical-full water drains into. If governments lack restrictive measures to tackle that issue of waste disposal, it becomes a recipe for disaster to the environment.

Many organizations the world over are increasingly embracing the need to have a clean environment and water for that matter. This is following lobbying by governments and human rights organizations. Also, the public has become even more aware of the disaster in waiting if they do not consider their environment in their day today decision making.  They therefore have come out to make it a reality and they are not sparing organizations either. Companies that do not take the matter of environmental consideration to their policy making are having it rough to sell their products especially in the western countries. The trend is quickly growing in the third world countries too.

In United States there has a big problem of air pollution especially in Los Angeles. This has been observed for many years by the United States government and it has even set policies to curtail the advent of a disaster in the making in the Los Angeles area. This has majorly been caused by many people driving on the roads. These cars emit carbon dioxide in the air which in essence spoils the environment from which we breathe air. The government has been discussing a solution with the traffic police department for quite some time but there has been no any forthcoming comprehensive solution. It has considered spanking a tax to the traffic users and it has even proposed policies whereby green revolution cars can be used to no avail. However the problem cannot be solved if it is not tackled from the public's angle of view.

The problem of air pollution in the republic of china is a menace to the people. The country has of late been experiencing great economic growth rates associated with its industrialization drive. This has however impacted badly on the country's image as it has greatly contributed to air pollution through the gases it arbitrarily emits in the air. Even the United Nations has not been able to convince the country to consider going green. This will be a big problem in future where there is likely to be a myriad of diseases associated with this negligence been shown by the Chinese government. Therefore it is up to the country to look into the future and try and curtail the problem. Environmentally induced diseases are likely to emerge and it will heavily impact badly on the government's expenditure and peoples saving and purchasing power as they seek to be healthy from these diseases.

Scientist has been warning the world against involvement in activities that increases the global temperature. Due to increased human activities around the globe, the atmospheric temperature has been increasing steadily for the last half a century.

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Increase of the global temperatures has resulted in a rise in the ocean tides and scientist are warning that if more precautious measures are not applied on time, more ice caps will melt, this will result in further rise of the ocean levels. Consequently, some low laying islands and other lands will be submerged. The scientists have also cautioned that a rise in the global temperature will affect seasons and the natural climatic conditions around the world. Regional agricultural production are expected to be affected; most agricultural lands will be not be available for farming as ideal conditions required for farming won't be available after the change of climate. Due to the increase in the atmospheric temperatures, the hot desserts have been increasing at a tremendous rate, consequently most lands that have been in use for food production have rendered useless. This is expected to cause a food crisis around the globe in a few years time (Pollution, 2008).

An increase in the global temperature is also expected to create distress around the globe. Although persons might have made a switch to solar power, the intensity of the solar receive of the earth's surface will be too much and living in most of the world will virtually impossible. The high levels of carbon dioxide emission coupled with other dangerous emissions that are released from factories around the globe have been destroying the ozone layer. Ozone layer filters out the harmful u-v rays' from penetrating the atmosphere. Now with the atmosphere completely damaged, harmful radiations from the sun will be penetrating the atmosphere and reaching the earth's surface. These radiations are dangers as they are cancerous and might destroy many other lives on the earth's surface.

The United States of America as the world's greatest nation bears the greatest responsibility in management of the global climatic conditions. Mismanagement of forest resources by most third world countries has contributed to a considerable level of the current increase in the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. United States of America can use its advance influence to influence the smaller nations in environmental conservation measures.

The US can kick start the process by steaming more resources towards planting of trees around the globe, the process of afforestation can be made much faster by ensuring that most of the seedlings that they supply are for fast growing trees. The United States should also start programs aimed at enlightening populations living the third world countries on the importance of conserving forests. The government should also encourage these nations to embrace other alternative energy sources instead of felling trees to be used for powering industries and domestic use. USA should also fight for implementation of global policies that would reduce marketing of products from wood, especially from the scarce species of trees.

Although, the government has a large responsibility to play in the reduction of global warming, the civil society should play the most important part of ensuring that the world's approach towards the climatic conditions is moderated. The governmental involvement might have political attachments and the move might not be welcome by many republics around the world. Many nations, usually prefer to follow their own generated policies instead of sheeping behind policies generated by the world's most powerful nations. To reduce the fuse that might be created by this, the civil society should take up the responsibility of campaigning for a safer world around the globe. This can be possible especially if the groups finance these projects through other already operational organizations in the target countries.

In conclusion, the United States of America is good at following the set policies. Its efforts can be very easily nullified by other countries lack of environmental conservation policies. Thus, it is the responsibility of the central government to ensure other nations around the world honor environment treats and policies set up to conserve the environment. It should also go a step further and be the leader in the fight for a safe environment.

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