Solar energy can be harnessed to useful energy through conversion of sunlight into electricity and other forms of energy for lighting and heating systems. This can be accomplished by the use of PV (photovoltaic) and CSP (concentrated solar power). This proposal will analyze the site suitability of solar energy in the state of Delaware.

According to the Delaware Energy act subchapter II, it is required that the state must have a reliable and adequate source of energy. The source should ensure continuous supply for essential safety and health. This will help to sustain growth of economy for the welfare of state citizens. A proposal to come up with a source energy that will outline efficient energy consumption will reduce air pollution caused by traditional energy production means.

The objective of the study will be to analyze the suitability of solar energy in the state of Delaware with an aim of coming up with a comprehensive report that will;

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  • Support the development of a centralized solar power generation to reduce the cost of production and maintenance.
  • Improve reliability, performance, and reduce the cost of components and systems to ensure efficient contribution to the energy generation sector.
  • Introduce and critically analyze a source of energy that will reduce over reliance to energy sources that rely on fossil fuels. These sources are not environmental friendly for they cause air pollution. 
  • Ensure that Delaware State collaborates with the United States industry policy of reducing the cost of energy for domestic activities like water heating by at least 50%.
  • Design, fabricate test and disseminate data and information on solar energy performance as compared to other sources of energy.

A reliable solar energy source will ensure that each low income household is provided with a life sustaining supply of not less than 200Kwatts per month at a cost of 0.05 USD per kilowatt hour. This can be achieved by increasing the installed photovoltaic capacity. This will provide each basic household with low cost energy of about 200KwH per month (The State of Delaware, 2012).

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