Tropical rainforests are located in the tropical belt that is mainly around the equator. The forests can be found in places where annual temperature as well as, precipitation is high. Today it is obvious that tropical rainforests cover lesser surface of the Universe. The approximated size of the tropical rainforests is about 6% of the Earth. This is dangerous because almost all the plants and species can be found in these rainforests. The entire biomass of the species plants can produce almost 40% of the Universe oxygen. The tropical rainforests contain various kinds of trees.

Research scientists have approximately found out that one hundred to three hundred species of trees can be found in the tropical rainforests. Almost all tropical rainforests can be characterized by the exceptional climate and thick vegetation. The tropical rainforest region has various kinds of tall trees and warm temperatures through out the year. The approximated yearly expected average rainfall ranges from 50mm to 260mm. The temperature in tropical rainforests is mildly warm but not hot. Almost every rainforest has a temperature range of 93 °F to 69 °F with average humidity that ranges between 77% and 88%.

The tropical rainforest is a forest situated in the tropical regions that experience heavy rainfall. The rainforest is abundant with various species of wildlife as well as, vegetation. Tropical rainforests occupy almost less than two percent of the universe. The rainforest is a home to various kinds of life forms in the world. Tropical rainforests can be referred as the most productive and complex ecosystems in the world. Rainforests have four layers, which consist of a top layer known as the canopy. This canopy consists of  various tall trees which are approximately fifty meters high. This is the only part of the rainforest vegetation that reaches the sunlight. The second layer is the subcanopy which is a layer of trees that are below the canopy. Approximately seventy percent of rainforest animals and plant species occupy the canopy and subcanopy.

The third layer is the shadowy lower area which consists of young vegetation and plants such as ferns or even palms that do not require much sunlight. Approximately two percent of the sunlight cannot reach the understory layer. The fourth and also the rainforest floor contain a thin layer of leaves, seeds or fruits as well as, branches that fall from the trees. It decomposes at an extremely high rate, and new material takes its place. When large and tall trees fall to the ground there, is a gap left and smaller trees occupy it.

There are numerous advantages of the tropical rainforests that can be categorized into various elements. The first is economic value benefit where the wood has become an essential product of the rainforest. Approximately three quarters of the forest may be used for energy, and the quarter can be used to make furniture. There are other numerous products from the forest that include valuable goods like fruits, nuts, various kinds of oil and rubber. The other benefit element is the scientific value. Numerous scientists have referred the rainforest to the ecosystem. This is the only region where plants and animals live together and also the specific place where tropical species can be used to cure diseases. The other benefit element is the environmental value because rainforests assist to regulate the entire environment. Trees may be used to control the water that reaches the ground by covering the entire surface with their leaves and branches.  Trees also take up a lot of rain, but much of this rain evaporates and connects with the air again as the vapor. This vapor melts and comes down as rain. Consequences of degrading rainforests are floods and droughts. Another benefit of the rainforests is its regulation of the atmosphere.

Impact of Continued Deforestation in Tropical Deforestation and Its Solution

The numerous deforestation inpucts in the tropical rainforest have diversified with time and had an effect to almost each and every tropical rainforest. Deforestation does not just have negative results but extremely positive effects to the rainforests. There are various issues that may be initiated by the social, environmental, political and economic elements towards rainforests destruction across the Universe.

There has been a high number of deforestation activities across the planet and a lot of the rainforests may be degraded or removed so that the region could be exploited for different other reasons. Tropical rainforests are being degraded at a high and increasing rate. Research shows that  extent of certain rate of forest loss varies and about a half of the tropical rainforests already may be lost, while, the remainder of the rainforest can be degraded  in the following few decades.

The loss of rainforest is incalculable to the human being as well as the entire Universe. The tropical rainforests provide a healthy habitat for approximately half of the Earth and animal species. This is by providing water and fuel for a big part of population, and it also influence regional as well as, global climate. Some of the examples of rainforest degradation include commercial logging to clear space for agriculture, there is the ranching, and the most effective is the fuel gathering.

All these examples are responsible for the tropical rainforest destruction. Some of the available Solutions include providing the alternative fuel through planting of fuel plantations.  There is the regulation of logging by the concerned authority, and finally it is necessary to initiate consensus to the rainforest value conservation through commercial promotions.

When rain trees can be cut, particularly from the mountainous regions the left topsoil may be washed away. What can be left is erosion that clogs streams which can harm populations of fish and also destroy water quality. To help reduce this erosion, it is essential to use terracing and also plant cover crops to create firmness to the soil. Tropical rainforest deforestation makes a vital contribution to the habitat loss that promotes endangering of the species on the planet.

An example of tropical rainforest degradation is the Amazonian rainforest which grew by 40% in the recent research. A large region can be cleared, for the purpose of farming. The Amazon may be the home of approximately thirty percent of the plant life and animals. An advantage of having rainforest is that they help to produce oxygen, herewith playing a vital role in pollution reducing as well as, controlling the change of climate that can be initiated by greenhouse gases.

Rainforests can be referred to as the home to various exotic animals and plant species that should be saved by avoiding cutting of trees or other destruction. Rainforests should be declared open to the public to act as the eye to the guidelines and restrictions of keeping the forest safe. The numerous and beautiful creatures and trees should not be utilized with dishonest intentions.

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Those people living around the rainforests should enjoy the beautiful forests without disturbing their inhabitants and the atmosphere. Certain rules and regulations must be established for people to follow and enjoy the products of the rainforests. Initiating a tourist industry with guided tours inside the rainforests will also increase the importance of having a rainforest due to the numerous transactions that can be made. Having a fabulous rainforest that is safe and secure  will benefit the entire region and the whole world, the rainforest is not only home for trees, plants, insects and mammals, it is also a home for various indigenous people. There are people who survived in the rainforests, they enjoy the rainforest products and cherishing the entire beauty.

Today’s condition of tropical rainforests clearly portrays the necessity to change the running human practices in order to reduce the harsh practices and come up with fruitful alternates.

There are numerous methods for the reduction of the entire tropical rain forests. The first remedy is the reforestation. This is the method for replanting that may be caused by excessive slashing, burning the rainforest or cutting. There is also sustainability, which is the action of balanced structure forming where the existing ecosystem can be maintained, while the present human needs may be accomplished.

There is also the remedy of reducing, reusing or maybe recycling rainforest as well as, non-rainforest goods. This will promote smaller use of rainforest products. More governments force should try to promote the following practices. Subsistence farming and cattle grazing must be initiated in grasslands or previously cut forest areas. It is also better to improve management practices that can reduce degradation and increase production.

It is essential for organizations to provide finances to nations of the rainforest that promote the rainforests through reserves or parks. Governments should prevent lending agencies and banks from money lending for projects that are going to increase rainforest degradation. This is because tropical rainforests are extremely useful for different organisms.

These rainforests are sources of shelter, food, oxygen, materials, wealth and medicine for the entire Universe and its creatures. The modernization and economic profit from rainforests helped consumers and companies to receive benefits from the environment. Such selfishness and ignorance have promoted total devastation of excellent natural resources.

Without tropical rainforests, a big amount of species on the Earth will not survive. It is essential for the consumption of rainforest to be slowed to allow to maintain as well as, regain population dominance over world landscape. If appropriate action cannot be taken not a lot of time will be left before rainforest may be entirely disappeared. If a combination of efforts from numerous countries and governments is possible, then saving the remaining region of the rainforests will be easier to achieve.

The tropical rainforests make a big contribution to agriculture. The trees are often an important farming system part through numerous methods. Rainforests assist to maintain the water base and soil for numerous productions, especially in watersheds of upper land they are the best in moderating stream flows and erosion reducing.

Rainforests also play a vital role in soil fertility restoring that is particularly essential in agriculture. The reason is that tropical rainforests may be known as the biologically different ecological systems on the Earth. The world rainforests have about a half from all available animal species and plants existing within it. Approximately one hectare of rainforests can be expected to maintain up to 230 species of trees. The rainforest has the power to yield numerous and significant immensely useful products.

There are several essential products from the rainforest, some of these products include gums, oil, resins, latexes, steroids, tannins and pesticides. Deforestation may be continued to the next generation, the generation will not get a chance to promote and retain the medicines, food crops genetic base, and other useful products.

Introduction of governments and international development bodies in aid of tropical rainforest from getting destroyed is an important solution to degradation. This can be based on the idea that poverty is a vital cause of deforestation. This is because of development as the cause to poverty and also as a possible solution to the problem of deforestation. The development promotes seldom that assists people who require forest most, and in several cases it accelerates deforestation. The formation of Tropical Forest Action Plan that was formed in 1985 was a beneficial factor of international attempt to tackle deforestation. The plan has injected billions of dollars to support projects which had an intention to save forests.

A large proportion of tropical rainforests can be lost, if nature cannot be reserved. This can often be promoted by private conservation organizations. Somehow the indigenous population living in harmony in rainforest environment, can be ejected from protected areas or controls that have proved to disintegration of their cultures. Although the impact, of overpopulation in the degradation of tropical forests has been the core purpose of deforestation through clearing to cultivate and also use as fuel means. There is a need to have a lasting solution to tackle overpopulation around the rainforests or any other global environmental calamity.

Education as well as, research plays a tremendous technique to handle the case of the rainforests destruction. There should be a promotion funding of more research into identifying species, and other services which forests can provide. These extra services include medicinal drugs, biological pest destruction as well as, diseases, dust removal from air, soil generation and climate stabilization. Education involving social values can also be required through the  improved education system where a certain population learns to think for themselves and recognize themselves as a part of nature. The values of conformity, greed and dominion are the core increase to rainforest current predicament.

Ecological degradation can be connected with the absence of empowerment of local communities living around tropical rainforests. In such cases, control over land use may be taken from the people who occupy the land in question and provided to centralized governments and multinationals. This is due to control which prohibits those who have a substantial interest in maintaining the land.

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