The fortitude section is my favorite one. This is because it involves a mixture of emotions, both of fear and confidence. The fortitude virtue is among the virtues perfecting the irascible appetite. Aquinas stresses of the lack of similarity between moral virtues, and intellectual virtues in two ways. The first distinguishing feature is the characteristic of making an individual to be good. The possessions of temperate, courageous and just characteristics are among the things that make an individual to be good. Secondly, persons can make bad use of moral virtues since they are referred to as habits by which individuals live righteously.

It is very essential that one gets the conception of God since it helps a great deal in having a conception with morality just as Aquinas views it. He believes that God, through pouring out His grace to individuals and infusing moral virtues into them can transform human beings (Aquinas). Infused moral virtues are caused by God Himself and differ from acquired moral virtues in their respective ends and their respective ends based on their rules and measures. Infused moral virtues are directed towards the perfect happiness consisting in visions of the God in heaven, thus only achieved through His assistance. 

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The core ethical question and concepts revolve around various issues including, what lessons if any can be learned through the extensive account of the virtues by Aquinas. One question that arises for instance concerns the relationship that exists between virtue and happiness. Just as Aquinas suggested, some virtues are necessary for happiness. Virtues according to the Stoic thought are sufficient for happiness. Another core ethical question that arises concerns the types of virtues that can be distinguished (Aquinas). All virtues are identified not to be moral virtues and apparently there exists other virtue such as industry and tolerance that are overlooked by the extensive discussion of Aquinas. The third core ethical questions that arises concerns of whether there exist a relationship between various virtues. These virtues are not related to each other as items on a shopping list but rather they are related to each other systematically.

One major topic of contemporary human interests in the area of ethics is based on parenthood. The major questions that arise are on whether there is a right to parenthood, whether support should be given to such individuals and how we can identify if such person is fit or not to be parents. There is a right to parenthood and a parent should give the child adequate attention as well as protection from opposing negative influences. This contemporary issues also should cover the circumstances under which lost right to parenting can be reinstated and to what extent. Children are thus protected by such contemporary issues against bad parenthood leading to a healthy relationship between parents and children.

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