Summary of Article 1: Violence in Advertising; a multilayered Content Analysis

This article addresses advertising as an important social force; any violence in advertisement may cause positive or negative effects to the society. A multilayered content analysis has been used to identify the different facets to violent advertising executions; they include intensity, congruence, intention, legitimacy, identification, and depicted outcomes. Through the classification scheme, normative ethical analysis has been used to establish the instructions advertisers, policymakers, and regulators are supposed to follow when assessing how ethical violent advertisements are. The focus of the article is to find out whether violence in advertising executions is always unethical. The article presents multilayered analysis as the best way of assessing the forms of violence used in advertising, factors that justify use of violent in advertising, and circumstances under which a violent advertisement is considered appropriate within an ethics paradigm (Jones, Cunningham & Gallagher, 2010).

Summary of Article 2; Developing, Communicating and Promoting Corporate Ethics Statements: A Longitudinal Analysis

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The article presents different types of corporate ethics statements and how they are growing in the world, improvement in communication of these ethics statements, their promotion widely, and how the guidance given to users of the code remains standard. Four types of value statement have been examined to find its growth over the last decade. They include corporate credo, code of ethics and internet private policy. The article also examines how the potential effectiveness of codes depends on organization, despite its values. There is an increased use of communication by firms, since they consider it as the appropriate way of operating. The analysis is whether the firms that communicated their statements first are widely more ethical than those which have their code  done recently (Murphy, 2005).

Communication concepts

The articles covered the communication industries and media vocations. It identified the most widely used media for violent advertising, like use of internet, televisions, videos, films, telephone and communication technology. The article has explained how firms are using different means for communication. For example, the use of codes to address issues like  conflict of interest, gift giving and receiving, relationships with dealers, increasing workforce diversity, human rights and competitive intelligence (O'Sullivan, 1994).


The lesson learnt from the two articles is the importance of observing the advertising guidelines in order to avoid the negative effects caused to the society, while maintaining the positive ones. Ethical communication is too important for the growth of firms.

Relationship to work

Establishing the code of conducts in the work place guides the employees to behave in the best ways that are beneficial to both the organization and the society. As an advertiser, following the code of conduct and other guidelines will help in carrying out advertising appropriately (Jones, Cunningham & Gallagher, 2010).

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