Mr. Lee has to understand that talking of business ethics, entails all the behavior a business adheres to when dealing with not only the outside world but also the one on one dealing with the customers. It is diverse and this is what makes the difference between different companies out there. The manner in which some businesses conduct themselves has earned them bad reputation and thus raising the question of their ethical behavior. You therefore need to tread carefully on this matter lest your decisions bring devastating consequences (Nelson & Trevion, 2003).   

I believe you are serving two interests here - that of the company and also you have your conscience to protect. Therefore, for every decision you are going to reach I suggest to go in line with moral intelligence. You need to look at three serious concepts; your moral compass, goals and behavior. Moral compass; what do you value, and what are your most important beliefs? Goals; what do you want to accomplish personally? And Behavior; what actions will allow you to achieve your goals? (Lennick & Kiel, 2007) With this, you will employ vital virtues such as responsibility, courage, wisdom, care for living things and the environment, justice, commitment to a transcending power and self discipline just to name but a few which will guide you in making rational decisions with regards to running this company.

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Do good because is the best thing to do but not because you want to get applause from the people. Just be careful when dealing with the withdrawal of these benefits lest you fall in the compromise trap. If you are convinced is the best thing to do in order to salvage the company from its current state, pursue its implementation but take everyone on board. Talk to the board members and make them see the sense it (Doty, 2009). Talk to the beneficiaries of the scheme and make them understand this is what needs to be done for the company to remain standing. Communication is the most essential thing in this case. From The compromise trap on page 58, Julie felt better after communicating to her family, taking the company through bankruptcy in the right way by talking and sharing the burden and then thanking her children for being her mirror. You therefore need to involve all the parties involved. 

Mr. Lee also remember to be yourself just play your role honestly and treat the company as if it were yourself. Borrowing from Nelson & Trevion (2003), "I will manage my enterprise with loyalty and care, and will not advance my personal interests at the expense of my enterprise or society." This is going to guide you in advancing the interests of MBS and achieve your goals. I therefore recommend you implement your proposal with all the above adhered to. This will exonerate you from blame and it will lessen the impacts as people will have been warned in advance. You will therefore maintain both yours and your company's image.

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