Code of ethics may be defined as a set of principles which are designed to postulate the generally agreed behaviors for members of an organization or a particular group. Code of ethics is mostly applied when handling sensitive issues like healthcare, investments or interactions with foreign cultures.

 Purpose of Code of Ethics

Code of ethics increases confidence within an organization through showing the outsiders that members of an organization commit themselves to following the basic principles of ethics as they carry out their work. A code of ethics is a key in reinforcing the moral commitments and principles of an organization by postulating acceptable behaviors for stakeholders of a certain group.

In my professional organization, there is a set of agreed rules that guide and govern actions of individuals of the group. A violation of such rules is considered illegal and punishable since it amounts to professional misconduct.

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Key Points Identifiable in a Leader’s Career Path


Knowing what you want starts with knowing yourself. This is very vital in figuring out your goals.

Creating a plan

There has to be a sound plan of actions prepared to assist focusing on where you are headed. Goals therefore have to be clear in order to remain focused.

 Re-evaluation of Goals

Goals should be re-evaluated in order to test whether that is still the best route to follow. If it appears futile, they should adjusted appropriately so as to achieve desirable results.

Constituents of an Action Plan

Specific tasks: this defines what will be done and by whom.

Time horizon: this defines the time period within which an activity will be done.

Resource allocation: this shows what funds are available and for what activities.

An effective plan of actions is expected to give a good timetable with clear steps to assist one in reaching his/her objective. It minimizes wastage of time as efforts get concentrated

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