Ethics can also be termed as morals, the concepts of good or bad, or the virtue relating to what is wrong and right. An ethical perspective of something or of a decision is how it is viewed, whether it has a positive or negative effect to the surrounding. Ethical conduct at a work place is the good behaviour a person expected to have at work with the aim of constructive results. It is evident in the world today how companies put up their structures and working area wherever they wish without considering those around them.  Some decide for the people or dictate what is best for its employees, for example the mode or frequency of payment, how much it pays for labour. It is morally bad, but they do it forcefully or because the minority have no power over them, and laws need to be enforced here, the government has to come in (Elger B. 2010)

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In this case where a bank sidelines a certain group of people just because they come from a place with insecure investment, the government should step in because the practice is unethical. Laws should be imposed to curb this, first because the government must provide job security for the people, just like it would provide a lawyer for anyone who would otherwise not afford. Banks are business institutions and are there to make profits, so just like any other production organizations; there are rules to control how they carry out their practices (Jeffko, 2008). The state has to protect business partners from unfair extortion and marginalization. It has to make sure that the bank in question comes up with a way to secure their loans, the bank should insist on the guarantor or sponsor for the borrower. The money borrowed would then be available by the sponsor in case the person fails to repay the loan. When the laws are in place, the government keeps watch for the implementation, especially on the weaker party, the bank gets its interest back and business circulates, everyone wins.

Therefore, the government should come in and outlaw such a practice as it plays a key role in connecting the bank and its partners.

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