Dear Friends and Relatives

I know I am not that old enough but I feel that I have lived long enough to have a word with you. I feel I have had a fantastic life, despite my own share of trials and tribulations relating to relationships with the people around us and our environment.

I will like to pass on some of the values and things I have struggled with all through my life. For instance, I had to learn to be tolerant and be able to think independently and taking my time to analyze situations before taking a haste decision. I learned these qualities through a practicing over a period of many years and albeit the hard way.

The character trait I treasure most is that of being patient. I believe that life will be much happier each of us could be patient to each other. It is vital that we teach ourselves to learn and accept other people the way they are. I will recommend reading of inspirational books like the books by Mahatma Gandhi as they can be a great source of inspiration on patience. Being patient will requires that one has a strong sense of value.

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I believe that volunteering (both in time and money) when in a position to do so. I believe like Gandhi used to, true happiness can be found in assisting the less fortunate. Let us volunteer even to our environment and take good care for it. Let us remember that each of our actions affects the environment in some ways and we should strive to protect the environment at all times. It is a tall order, but worthy it.

Above all, let each of us try as much as we can to enjoy life. Let us not be rigid to accepting change. We should try new things and educate ourselves. We should seek guidance from other people when we are not sure. Let everyone of us enjoy but also help others to enjoy life too. 


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