The industry of gambling has become an inherent part of many people’s lives as it appeals to powerful though frequently hidden instinct of vehemence. Practically, the foundation of its tremendous popularity causes psychological addiction similar to drugs. The fact that gamblers give away their money not always being conscious of their deeds has an immediate impact on the reputation the industry has in the eyes of a simple person. Therefore, special effort should be taken to keep the business clear of any suspicions issues concerning ethics. This paper researches the case described in the article “AC Casino to Pay Winners in Unshuffled Cards Case” by Wayne Perry and analyses business ethics of the case (Perry, 2012).

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The article tells a story of several gamblers who won over $1.5 million at the Golden Nugget by disclosing the pattern of the cards coming out. Commonly, the manufacturer shuffles all cards to avoid keeping a definite order of the cards in a pack. However, in this case, the manufacturer, Gemaco Inc., had not shuffled the cards by mistake. This oversight allowed the players to notice the pattern of the cards and raise their bets from $10 to $5,000 (Perry, 2012). Finally, the decision to let the players keep their money was made in the court. Tilman Fertitta, the Golden Nugget owner, agreed to pay the winners (Perry 2012).

The first ethical issue I see here is corporate social responsibility of Gemaco Inc. I suppose, the quality control system should act absolutely flawlessly operating in such a demanding industry. This mistake cost the Golden Nugget a lot of money although the fault was not theirs. Hence, they actually had a choice whether to agree with the judge’s verdict or to file an appeal. The owner took the only right ethical decision, which, I believe, will help to create a better image of the company in gamblers’ eyes.

Ethical approach is extremely important in any sphere of business. However, I believe that gambling industry is the one where it should be the defining factor in any process.

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