In different societies, the understanding of ethics and it practice varies from one society to another.  In the case of media, the understanding of what ethics is governs the conduct and manner of reporting associated with the profession and allows for media house to be accountable to what they report on. McQuail (2010) believes that ethic in media sets the appropriate standards necessary for media practitioner to have good conduct while executing their roles. However, conflict often arises between the journalistic ethic and other forces desiring to skew media coverage or distort particular news item. This can therefore result in collection of falsified news items as well as publishing of such news against the set ethics.

Working for as an editor for daily news paper, it is imperative that all the news submitted for publishing be authentic and valid since their effects and influence over the society can of great significance. For a case of reports creating falsified news items, it is critical that such issue be addressed in time and in the right manner. As an intervention measure, the editor must summon must halt all pending publications from the reporter and summon him before a panel of the disciplinary committee. Such a committee can hear the motives behind the false news and pass a judgment based on the reports confession. The decision to fire the reporter will depend on the outcome of the hearing. The reporter may also be placed under close supervision when delivering future news where they are cross checked for accuracy and authentic.

The media has a strong link with the society and the ripples of its news coverage affect to the society are diverse. For this reason, the editor has to make a formal writing to those affected by the false news. This should be done through an appropriate media like a newspaper to reach money readers. The notice should express remorsefulness as well as reassurance that the matter has been handled and will not be allowed to occur again in the future.

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The electronic media, such as the television and the internet are medium through which culture is portrayed as well as passes shared on. Through the movies, Television series dressing ad printed media, various aspects of our culture are shaped and even placed under control. The mode of dressing is one element of culture that is under great influence from media. For many people, actors or model in the media set standards that are to be emulated. Likewise man people often to change their way of communication in response to what is seen or heard through the media. While the media sets the standards surrounding various elements of culture, the society tends to subscribe to these values and manner of doing things. As results, media directs people's culture.

Living in technological era, there are a number of electronic games that have been developed for fun which have become one of the most preferred ways of time-spending especially for the young people all ages, and even some adults. Video games are among the more recent additions to children's culture and are powerfully fascinating and attractive to children. Many children and young people do spend a lot of time playing the games and hence become get addicted to them. (Dowd, N., Singer, D., & Wilson, R. 2005) Some may neglect their academic studies and hence performing poorly and attaining very low grades. Likewise the language and mode of dressing as portrayed in the games does influence the consumers of such games.

Video games with violent scenes tend to teach children violence and aggressiveness which is in turn lead to increased cases of juvenile delinquency. Some of the most influential games released include half life a game, grand theft auto and happy farm. Some electronic games have generated controversy with regard to their effect and themes. Pokemon is such a game which generated a lot of heat from Christians who viewed it as having occultist themes.

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