1. Civilians should not be allowed on experimental launch vehicles

The space shuttle disaster took place in 28, January 1986. It exploded shortly after the launch destroying the vehicle and killing all the seven crew members who were inside. Christa McAuliffe was the teacher who was supposed to conduct educational broadcast from the shuttle and transmit it to the whole world.

Christa McAuliffe died as the first civilian working as a teacher in space. This had profound effect on society and its attitude towards the United States of America space programs. Civilians should not be allowed on experimental launch vehicles. This is because civilians don't have the technical know how in handling the experimental launch vehicle. When civilians are allowed on experimental launch vehicles, their own lives are put at risk (Handberg, 2003).

There are other ways that experimental launch vehicles can be operated rather than allowing civilians on them. Technology can be used for this purpose instead of risking people's lives. Civilians should not be allowed on such experiments because it may not be for a noble course. This may be used settle scores or to conceal an individual's undoing.

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2. Ethical implications of allowing civilians on experiments

The ethical implications of using civilians on experimental launch vehicles are paramount. When a civilian is allowed on experimental launch vehicle human life is put at stake. This is not morally acceptable as human beings should not be subjected to life threatening situations. Other people who are dependant on the person whose life is at risk will suffer if this person looses his or her life. This is especially if the person in question is the bread winner (Fleddermann, 2008).

The country as a whole, risks loosing bright and useful minds in such like experiments. For example, the country lost the teacher and other crew members in the space shuttle tragedy. People in power risk loosing their integrity when they support these experiments using civilians. This is a mistake that should not be repeated.

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