PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct provide two actions that a project manager should take to ensure trustworthiness in business relationships, as well as integrity and trust in collaboration. First, the project manager should practice fairness to avoid any biases. The decisions and actions of project managers should be objective and impartial. In addition, the conduct should exclude favoritism and prejudice (Estrella, & Duncan, 2011, p. 43). Lastly, the project manager should be honest. This will nurture integrity and trustworthiness among business employees. Project managers will be able to make wise deliberations in circumstances that seek to challenge their integrity. In addition, managers should practice honesty in their communication (Grisham, 2010, p. 62).

Gift sharing is a social custom that is prevalent in all spheres of life; in family, business and social institutions. Ethically, it is difficult to identify the proper time for giving and receiving a gift. Commercial environment calls for a concrete understanding of ethical behaviors, as well as appreciation of diverse culture (Jones, 2008, p. 53).

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Bribery is a complex phenomenon, and composes of any action that is regarded wrong. By definition, bribery is not universal because of different values and morals. Individuals involved must be conscious about their degrees of freedom, conscience and intention; hence understanding the moral aspect of the situation (Phillips, 2010, p. 67).

Gift-sharing is a prohibited practice since it calls for a compromised deal. The intentions and receipt of gift will contravene compliance of policy frameworks. The act demand reciprocity since they are culturally logical; hence it will affect the business conducts or practices (Stackpole, 2011, p. 19). On the other hand, bribery results to the violation of professional ethics since practitioners should adhere to the stated ethical practices so as to satisfy the needs of the parties concern.

In conclusion, ethical guidelines are professional tools that any professional must follow in order to uplift clients’ confidence and trust. The guidelines stipulate principles that all people in a project management profession have to follow. It ensures that there is a smooth running of the affairs and responsibilities associated to an exacting task.

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