I am writing to say that I have made it through my first semester of college. In English 160, I was not a confident writer as I could not stand the idea of writing an essay. Throughout the semester, I have made many mistakes in my writings but that’s what made me a better writer. I learned from my mistakes. Also, I was taught on different aspects of becoming a better writer. By putting together all of my knowledge, I was able to produce a well written papers and I saw myself improving after every paper that I wrote.

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The aspects that I have mastered in English 160 include: organization, writing a story, writing in different genres, grammar, word tense, making clear arguments as well as counter arguments. In addition, I learned to express myself throughout my papers. In the beginning of the course, I was very frightened when I heard that I had to write seven page papers. I am proud to say that I have finally overcome that fear and I am able to write seven page papers without a problem. All these aspects that I have learned throughout this course have made me become more confident about my writings. Alongside this letter, I have attached two essays in which I have brought out the mastered topics. The first essay is the visual essay “From Little to Big Girls”. In my life, I have never thought that I could write a visual essay. In this essay, I talked about how I made a new community here at UIC, and was able to tell a strong and powerful story which made the readers to feel how I was feeling at that time. My second paper was, “Midwest’s Finest Arena”. In this paper, I was able to make a clear argument. I included many aspects such as counter arguments, organization and sources that made my argument even stronger. This paper made me to learn a lot about UIC.

Finally, I never thought that I would be able to write as well as I do now. I believe this class has dramatically changed my writing not only in English class but in other classes too. I have learned quite a lot from English 160 and I am ready for whatever English 161 has to bring to the table. Also, I am ready for a challenge. 

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