A radiological weapon is kind of explosive that is made by terrorist or military personnel with an aim of using the same to proliferate radioactive substances so that to destroy and cause discomfort to the place where it is to be explored at. Radiological weapon of bulk devastation was suggested by the experts that it is the weapon that is mostly used by terrorists to plan an attack on innocent people. The terrorists normally target a dense population since their aim is to kill a mass number of people. Once the explosive explored, a good number of properties are turned into useless materials for a very long period of time. This can be prevented by undertaking a very expensive solution at the right time before huge numbers of properties are destroyed.                                                                                                                              

The effects of the radiation material can be determined by energy and type of radiation available during the time of explosion, longevity levels, shielding, portability and the responsibility of the surroundings. Jose Padilla, who is citizen of the United States, was found guilty of aiding terrorists. He was captured after being suspected of planning a radiological bomb attack and detained as information observer. Padilla was found guilty and was sentenced to centralized prison for seventeen years and four months. Padilla’s arrest was mainly because he was a close associate of al Qaida, he had been involved in war like activities all over the country both nationally and internationally, he had the much needed astuteness that could assist the United States in stopping any attack that could occur in future and was also unending menace to the security agents.                                                                                                            

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Al-Qaida could organize a very successful attack using the radiological weapons because its members are almost in every corner of the world. The squad operates as a network which is made up of international army who has no specific state and a fundamental Muslim association. Radiological weapons being extremely explorative and that the same can destroy a vast piece of land in a very short period, al-Qaida find it easy to use the same to render property and people’s life useless using a simple object drop. The next thing that al Qaida does employ is suicide attack. This is where an al-Qaida militant would carry a radioactive material, walk among innocent people and bomb the area and thus killing many other people. The attacker could sometimes die in the process. The threat of radiological weapons can be regarded as the most dangerous ones mainly due to the radioactive materials that are emitted during the time of explosion. The invention of the radiological materials was a milestone invention in the military industry but is now being used for terrorism attack. This is mainly because the nuclear substances when released to the surrounding do affect people without the same victims realizing. Thus the people affected will end up having altered features such as altered genes and many others. The media described or portrayed the radiological weapons by the use of the photos which showed the areas that had been bombed in the last years. The kinds of videos shown by the media house during the time of attack revealed how the weapons were capable of destroying even the whole state. These videos were later converted into a computer games for many people to see and interpret. All the information that the media portrayed in this case were gotten from the satellite since there was no human being who could reach the place and record some video clips. The information given by the media therefore do coincide with exactly what happened during that time. People are therefore able to know exactly what happened even though they were not at the scene.


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