James Watsona watched the culture change processes unfold for about thirty years. He concluded that it is apparent that the ordinary people in Hong Kong have not been exposed of their cultural tradition, nor have they become the expressionless dupes of global corporations. Watsona argues that, the younger people are devoted consumers of global culture in its obvious manifestations such as music, television, cuisine and fashion. At the same time, Hong Kong has allowed itself to become a chief center for the invention of the transnational culture instead of how it was sinkhole for consumption. For instance, the extension of Hong Kong famous culture into Southeast Asia and China among other nations whereas the "Cantopop" music is listened to on several radio stations in Japan, Vietnam and North China. Additionally, the Hong Kong textile industry influences fashion styles in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles. Hong Kong is becoming as a center for the dissemination and production of satellite TV programs throughout Southeast, South and East Asia.

Watson described the lifestyle in Hong Kong as postmodern, flamboyantly transnational and post nationalist. The wholesale appropriation and acceptance of Ronald McDonald, Big Macs and birthday parties are minor, but important aspects of the redefinition of the Chinese cultural character. Therefore, it appears proper to create a new set of questions. One wonders where the transitional starts and ends and where the culture originated from. In places such as Hong Kong the post-colonial margin is speedy becoming the municipal center, where locals are simultaneously producing and consuming new cultural structure.

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 According to Modhumita Roy, commercial surrogacy elevates profound questions concerning what it means to be human.  He concludes that most ethical, legal, philosophical and political debates have tried to argue that human body is the boundary of inviolability. For instance, he Co mite Consultative National d'Ethique in France, still claims that that French fails to accept that human body must be used for profitable reasons.

Roy argued that the body cannot be used as an object since it is not one. Commercial surrogacy, gives confidence the view that body parts are separate elements of an individual, thus co-adjust the body in new methods. Conceivably, this commodification appears less extreme since ladies’ bodies persist to be subjected covert and overt forms of property investment. This commoditization thus appears normal and appears much less disturbing when joined with poverty. The poor ladies’ bodies are estimated less than-less sheltered,  less human and less worthy. They are the people we expect to work in the society. Women clean houses, cook food, and bring up children in the family. Roy argued that it is a very distinct form of labor whose production is an additional human being. Selling a reproduction element is a unique commercial transaction. Explicitly and implicitly, it is the sale of potential human beings. It represents the assault of the market. 

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