The term Apocalypse originates from the Greek word apocalypsis, which refers to the act of unveiling. Apocalypse is a wide term and its description highlights three major aspects. First, apocalypse refers to the anticipated end of the world as described in revelations or movies. Secondly, an apocalypse is a phenomenon characterized by catastrophes that are similar to events described as the signs of a final ending. Thirdly, an apocalyptic occurrence is disruptive and provocative to revelations.

A zombie apocalypse describes an occurrence in which a global rise of disfigured and deformed creatures makes the world inhabitable for human beings. A zombie apocalypse entails attacks on humans with the aftermath of victims turning into zombies. An exponential growth in the number of zombies due to a zombie plague characterizes a zombie apocalypse. The rapidity associated with a zombie outbreak hinders the control of such an occurrence (Brooks 123). A zombie apocalypse results in the collapse of the civilian society and the conversion of the world into an uninhabited wilderness. If a zombie apocalypse occurs, there are several approaches that one may adopt and survive through such tribulations.  Since  zombie-attack cripples the society’s infrastructure, one should ensure that he or she has an emergency kit. This disaster kit should contain adequate supplies of necessities such as food, water and medications, which should last until one reaches a zombie-free zone. The possession of an appropriate weapon is necessary in case of confrontations with zombies. Like other catastrophes, a zombie apocalypse would occur when people are least prepared. In this regard, an emergency plan that caters for immediate evacuation is crucial.

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A machine apocalypse refers to an occurrence in which technological advancement creates machines with an intelligence that supersedes human thinking. The machine rule describes humans as a threat or inferior subject and seeks to destroy or submit them to machine leadership. High levels of artificial intelligence enable machines to conquer humans who depend on qualities such as emotions and duplicity to control the world. If a machine apocalypse occurs, several precautionary measures can help one to survive the ordeal. Since machines will use electronic information on humans to reign over the civilian society, one should take measures to ensure that personal information such as phone numbers do not make them vulnerable (Wilson 90). Unlike humans, machines have no ego and work as a team. If humans employ teamwork, they could increase their chances of survival through the apocalypse.

A pandemic apocalypse describes mass extinctions of humans due to the prevalence of a disease(s) throughout the world. The rapidity of the spread of deadly diseases introduces uncontrollable fatality rates and the eventual collapse of the civilian society. Resources in the healthcare sector will be insignificant concerning the mitigation of a pandemic apocalypse.  To survive this apocalypse, one will need a supply of drugs and a gasmask. Adequate supply of antibiotics will be essential in treating various infections. In addition, one should ensure health diets to strengthen the immune system against anticipated infections. A gasmask will ensure that one does not become a victim of airborne diseases. Plans on evacuation to the less populated areas are necessary in order to minimize cases of infection (Haynes 136). Due to the possibilities of the imposition of quarantine, people should seal off their houses to keep away airborne diseases. 

Although apocalypses wipe out almost the entire population, a portion of the civilian society survives through the ordeal. Apocalypse survivors emerge more prepared to face another eventuality of an apocalypse as compared to the victims of the event. Thus, just as Richard, in his book Illusions, describes the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly, apocalypses transform the remnants of the civilian society into superior beings.

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