An empty page is one of the greatest fears of a writer. Every writer dreads a scenario where he or she just sits there not knowing what to write that is worth reading. Normally, in various topics, one has numerous ideas to put across, but not all of them are relevant. Writing makes a writer vulnerable mostly since it is a test of intelligence. We attempt what we cannot do, but still, in examining, we discover the next step, and in failing, again the next step.

According to Grace Palley, being a writer, we write about what we do not know based on what we know. More so, a columnist Ellen Goodman confesses that rewriting makes her happy. Writing your first draft, you get the ideas and theme clear; if using any type of a metaphor, you get everything established and surely know where you are coming from. However, the next time, it is like cleaning a house and tightening things up.

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Rewriting is all about change. It is all about the revision of a written content. Proofreading is just one of the tools that entail the revision process, and so is rewriting. Proofreading involves checking of the correctness of the content mainly focusing on the grammar, punctuations, spelling, and the like of the final draft. Rewriting, on the other hand, involves making deep contextual changes in a piece of written work. The writer can change characters in a play, change a whole phrase into a single word in cases of limited word count and so on.

Therefore, rewriting helps in delivering the best concepts or ideas of a piece of work. Every writer needs to embrace this art for effective and clear presentation of ideas to the intended audience. It is like passing the final exam repeatedly each time getting better results. It allows new ideas to crop up as well as a better approach to the topic at hand.

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