Naturally, civil war lives wounds that take time to heal.  Thus, the impact that the American civil war had in the whole world is still fresh presently. This war happened in 1861 to 1865. This war was ignited by the attempt of abolishing the slave trade. After the election of the president Lincoln in November 1960, the southern leader feared that he would bring to the end the slavery expansion. For that reason, they declared secession joining and forming confederacy. They ganged and organized themselves to start a fight (Austin & Beard pg36).

According to Collier pg 81, Civil war as usual lives scores of casualties and lots of death. These are things that ever revolve in people's mind and became tales to tell. The impact each war has in the current world is unprecedented and never forgotten. The American war was not an exception. In fact, the history says that it created the modern America since it lend to the abolishment of the slave trade. This was a great impact especially to the rest of the world as most of the slave trade was rampant in America. The war also made American to unite as one forming the current United State that is an economic powerhouse today. Most of the country in the world set their target concerning the American economy.

As the first modern war, it lead to the innovation of more complex arms, machine guns, armor-plated steam vessels that the whole world enjoy using now. The war leads to the expansion and growth of more pronounced transport and communication system especially for security purposes. Furthermore, it lead to transition of limited constitutional authority to a more powerful and centralized government that every country in the world is either enjoying or fighting for presently. It in fact has brought about democratic ruling and industrialization in most of the countries in the world (Austin & Beard pg72).

The historic lesson learnt on the war has both positive and negative effect today incase such a war erupts. The innovation which was done then that gave the country experience of how to improve the weapons which they were using. Such sophisticated weapons would be used today incase there is war which would in turn makes it very destructive. The positive lesson which is applicable today is that the war united the blacks who were the slaves and the white Americans who were the masters. Therefore, they do respect each other and there is no discrimination whenever they are doing their duties.

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